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Meet local legend, Shedly Lengliz-Tutor Extraordinaire

Shedly tutors middle school math, algebra, geometry, geography, history, all levels of French, Spanish, Chinese calligraphy, study skills and writing

Is your child struggling in school? If you're considering a tutor, Shedly Lengliz is a rare gem. We found him when we were in search of a French tutor, but we discovered so many more hidden talents. Because he is from Tunisia, he is multi-lingual and quite gifted. After a year of weekly in-home French classes, my 6-year-old then asked to learn some Chinese, then Latin and even history! His wealth of knowledge really sparks a child's inquisitive nature.

Shedly has a special gift for encouragement and positive reinforcement. He constantly tells the kids they are "awesome!" By integrating art, creativity, computers, videos, and everyday situations to help make it practical, he keeps it simple, interesting and most importantly, fun. And when it comes to kids, they all respond to fun. Shedly's patience level, generosity and understanding of children is truly inspiring.

My 11-year-old daughter and her bestie from Edison Language Academy-also bilingual in Spanish-just adores French. So we all agreed they should take French class together, which makes it that much more enjoyable. So now, as Shedly explains, "It's more than just a French class. It's friendship, it's art, it's French and it's FUN!"

Deja and Eva are on the path to becoming multi-lingual like Shedly, while their brains are still sponge-like and their curiosity is expansive. The best part is, they are learning how to order their meals en français for their future trip to Paris!

With a consistently positive attitude, Shedly's professionalism is top-notch. He can also tutor middle school math, algebra, geometry, geography, history, all levels of French, Spanish, Chinese calligraphy, study skills and writing. His rates are very reasonable and his hours are flexible.

I feel compelled to rave about Shedly because his kind, humble, and respectful demeanor never ceases to impress me. He has even given me excellent advice on the best way to communicate with teachers, having had experience as a high school teacher himself.

Shedly was actually nominated twice to be honored in the Who's Who Among American Teachers. A teacher becomes selected for this honor because they "made a difference" in the life of one of their former students. The only students invited to submit nominations are those who have distinguished themselves by being recognized for excellence themselves.

With this type of encouragement and worldly wisdom as their foundation, these girls are well on their way to reaching that level of excellence. Thank you Shedly for what you bring to our table every week! We will always remember you fondly as both a "Gentleman and a Scholar".

For more information, contact or call/text (310)570.5468.


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