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Mystery Wave: Did Ukraine Use a Kilo Class Soviet Submarine to Torpedo Both the Crimean Bridge and the Nord Stream Pipeline?

Only Ukraine would have benefited from the recent series of underwater explosions. Are the Ukrainians hiding a military secret?

There has been increasing speculation that the Ukraine Navy might have used a submarine to damage the bridge connecting Crimea to Southern Russia. Security camera video seems to show a mysterious wave below the bridge just before it exploded, as if a torpedo had arrived, or a submarine had emerged nearby.

The destruction of the Nordstream II pipeline was not in the national interest of the Germans, who lost access to Russian gas. Nor was in in the Russian national interest, as they could have simply turned it off had they wanted to deny gas to Western Europe. Only Ukraine would absolutely benefit from the denial of this income stream to Putin.

The Polish Navy is known to have three 1980's Soviet era Kilo Class submarines in its inventory. Could they have allowed Ukrainian sailors to borrow one of them? Both Ukraine and Russia have said a bomb exploded on a truck crossing the bridge. But some experts have said this is inconsistent with the type of damage seen on the bridge.

The security camera video in question may be seen at


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