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Mayor Sue Himmelrich Snaps This Photo With President Joe Biden, as He Passes Through Santa Monica Airport

.Outgoing Santa Monica mayor calls president Biden a "Mensch" as she poses with him on Facebook

US President Joe Biden passed through the Santa Monica Airport on Wednesday. He was only in town for a half hour, as Marine One ferried him from LAX.

"Yes, I had the honor of welcoming our President to Santa Monica. What a hero and a mensch," Himmelrich posted on her Facebook page. Mensch is Yiddish for a really good guy.

There were the usual traffic tie-ups on the Westside when a Democratic president passes through on the way to local fundraisers. Biden met with adoring fans in Brentwood and Orange County; adoring enough to cough up $2000 a plate to attend a fund raiser, anyway.

Himmelrich is not running for re-election. Her term ends in December. Mayor is a largely ceremonial post, elected by the 7 City councilmembers in Santa Monica.


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HarveyMushman writes:

Wonder if he sniffed her hair like he usually does??? She might be a little old for him though...