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Russian SU-34 Crashes Into Apartment Building Near Mariupol; Pilot Ejects; Multiple Deaths and Injuries On Scene

On social media, videos showed a fiery crash destroying a block of apartments in Russia. Casualties not yet known.

A Su-34 crashed into apartment building in Yeysk, Russia on Monday, October 17th. The Russian military said that the fighter jet had suffered engine failure, which caused it to crash land.

The Sukhoi Su-34 is an advanced Air Superiority fighter plane. Each plane costs $36 million. Russia has lost over 200 aircraft since its February 24th invasion. Numerous videos on social media showed the fiery crash demolishing a block of apartments in Russia.

Russia has launched numerous bombing sorties from the Krasnodar region against Ukraine in recent months, reports Visegrad 24, a news organization centered in Poland and Lithuania.

The town of 20,000 lies directly across the Azov Sea from Mariupol, a City Russian troops occupied in July.


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