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Mountain Lion Raids Brentwood Golf Course, Filmed Galloping Across the Golfing Green

Eventually, Cougar was captured, tranquilized and moved. Presumably to the Bel Air Country Club, another Local Golf Course.

The Brentwood Golf Course was shut down Thursday afternoon, as authorities looked for a mountain lion who had been spotted on the course.

A mountain lion was seen sprinting across the golf course at the Brentwood Country Club after an initial sighting prompted the lockdown of a nearby elementary school, the LAPD said.

Authorities eventually caught, tranquilized and removed the cougar, who had been spotted by several groups of golfers.

It was unclear whether or not the big cat had purchased a membership to the private club.

It is often said that among major world cities, only Los Angeles and Mumbai have significant numbers of big cats sharing city limits with humans.


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