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Thousands in China Demand the Chinese Communist Party Resign Following Covid Failures

After a Fire Killed 20 Residents of a Covid Lock Down Building, the Streets of Major Cities Fill with Protestors

Throughout major cities in China, crowds of people are marching and chanting for the Chinese Communist Party to resign. These are the biggest anti government demonstrations since the 1989 anti government demonstration.

People are chanting “down with the Chinese Communist Party” and “step down Xi”, wrote Jennifer Zheng, a respected journalist based in Hong Kong.

"This is happening in cities across the country. Something big is brewing."

"Incredible scenes from China" writes Cuan Zhen. "In the wake of a deadly fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, anti-lockdown protests erupted there, followed by this solidarity protest along Urumqi Road in Shanghai. The people are chanting "Chinese Communist Party step down! Xi Jin Ping step down!""

"Chinese people are getting ever smarter and more creative with their protests. This man’s sign says, “You know what I want to say!” At Jiuguang Department Store, West Nanjing Road, #Shanghai city, #CCPChina " Zheng continued.


其中包含有对政府的不满, 上海乌鲁木齐路 最新视频 民众齐声高喊“共产党下台 习近平下台” 马路对面的警察并未阻止


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