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Shut Up And Move's Charlene Ciardiello Shares Her Expert New Year Fitness Tips 

Westside's #1 Personal Trainer Breaks It Down

Once we say goodbye to 2022, more often than not the New Year and the New You mentality kicks in. Yet while a "new you" may seem like a long distance goal after the annual holiday guilt creeps into your psyche, you can plan to set a few intentions and realistic resolutions that you aim to achieve for a healthy 2023. 

Whether your fitness goal is to incorporate more physical activity into your schedule to achieve weight loss, health goals to increase habitual mindful eating by choosing healthy food options, or a goal to stay organized for the sake of your mental well-being - ‘Shut And Move’  Fitness and Health Expert, Charlene  Ciardiello, has shared her proven tips with me to get YOU on the right road. 

The Westside resident has trained countless clients over the years and taught me personally about portion control, power walking (I have a bad back) and self care. I lost 25 lbs with Charlene over a two year period. Slowly, steadily and without really noticing. And it stayed off! Enjoy! 

Said Ciardiello, “Once you have decided on your fitness path, realistic goals and set a target everything is possible to achieve those goals. Believe and trust in yourself and accept it's time to become accountable. Once the mental attitude is in line, anything is possible.”


*Grab a buddy to workout with - a good gym buddy can hep you in so many ways, be it motivation, accountability, spotting, healthy competition 

*Take progress pictures - before & afters pictures always help inspire you

*Reward yourself for meeting goals

*Have your friends check in with you

*Hire a trainer- 

The accountability of meeting your trainer for a set appointment can help stay on track and meet your goals.

*Prioritize your goals by securing time to make them happen. For example, hold yourself accountable by signing up for a group fitness or training session and keeping it on your calendar. Hiring a trainer will provide you with support, accountability, education and a personalized fitness plan so you may find working with one well worth the investment.

“Life can be hectic, and therefore I always remind my clients that achieving goals won’t be a straight or easy path, there will be obstacles and ups & downs along the way. When you do eventually slip from your routine, which happens to everyone, don’t wait until Monday, next month, next year, or whenever it is to start again. Get back on track at the next meal, snack, or workout. One slip is not going to set you off course.” Ciardiello wisely explained. 


*Don’t do it for social media! Do it for Yourself! Despite what many actors and fitness influencers on Instagram would like you to believe, changes to your physique and health don't happen overnight. No one can build 10 kilos of lean muscle in three months, nor can you lose lots of weight quickly and keep it off. 

How to achieve the short term goals? 

*Go the gym or exercise outdoors at least three times a week for the next three months.

*Practice mindfulness twice a day by being aware of your self commitment. 

*Meal prep for every Sunday afternoon for the next three days until the end of February.


*Drink plenty of water- Drink enough water (about half of your body weight in ounces daily.)

*Limit sugar & alcohol

The best coffee drinks mix espresso or coffee with milk, water, or ice, not sugary syrups, cream or whipped cream.

*Choose whole, unprocessed foods

*Incorporate fresh veggies & fruits as healthy snacks

*Go nuts!

Nuts and seeds offer a little plant protein and plenty of healthy fats, plus nutrients like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E.

*Many other programs are based on "quick fix" methods such as calorie restriction or cutting whole food groups such as carbohydrates. These “quick fixes” cause a "yo-yo" effect. You lose weight and then gain it back the moment you fall of course. Methods like this leave you feeling hungry and actually cause you to lose lean muscle mass, which drastically slows your metabolism

*Gradual changes and sustainable lifestyle choices can affect your well-being positively in the long run, unlike dangerous calorie-restricted diets that hurt your metabolism and weaken you. 

“Let’s be honest”, continued Ciardiello, “Starting a fitness routine can be equal parts confusing and intimidating. Whether you’ve fallen into a workout rut or you’re totally new to exercise, it’s hard to know where to begin. A solid sweat session can be obtained with nothing more than a few feet of space and comfy shoes. The in-home fitness game has changed since the pandemic,  you can choose to workout anytime you like. We’re all busy. You don’t want to have to coordinate schedules with someone who trains in a gym across town, or rush to and from work to get to the gym. Another bonus is that many online workouts contain a lot of bodyweight exercises, which can be completed at home. You are now in charge of your fitness!”


1 Invest in dumbbells and resistance bands and watch your own body weight help you lose weight, tone up, build muscle & strength! 

2 Increase your heart rate with activities like dancing, running, stair climbing, and jump rope. 

3 Hire a virtual personal trainer to hold you accountable and create a personalized fitness plan for your body type & goals. 


“The last few years have been difficult. More and more people are turning to movement as a way to protect and enhance their mental health.” Added Ciardiello.


Reduce stress- exercise increases endorphins (feel good chemicals) which gives you a natural mood boost and helps you sleep better. 

*Increase confidence - exercise will help you lose weight, tone your body, and maintain a healthy glow & smile.

*exercise may help with depression & anxiety. It can help take your mind off negative distractions, thoughts & emotions.

It is easy to see why Ciardiello has established herself and her brand so successfully over the years since creating Shut Up And Move, her direct, no-nonsense and easy approach has become a firm favorite with her local clients, professional athletes  and celebrities alike. 

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