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Lavish Secret Room Events Pre- Grammy Nominee Lounge on the Peterson Museum Rooftop

This year's marvelous co-sponsors were Lifeboost Coffee, Returned Jewelry and SJW Cosmetics LLC.

February 3, 2023 Secret Room Events hosted their annual celebrity filled Pre-Grammy Nominee Lounge on the roof top of the spectacular Peterson Museum, 6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, from 11am-5 pm.

All guests were gifted box of their certified organic coffee and their truly exclusive Lifeboost Everlo Coffee Drops, which help balance pH and reduce acidity regardless of the type of water a person uses to make coffee. All guests were treated to their tasty cold brew version. Lifeboost has third party testing for mold, heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, and 400 other toxins to assure that you are drinking the cleanest coffee anywhere.

Returned Jewelry brought love and excitement in their repurposed guitar string unique jewelry. Returned Jewelry gives these used strings a new life and appreciation

SJW Cosmetics gifted their amazing new product The Body Alchemy which is an anti-age moisturizer that can be used on the whole body and facial areas as well to lift and tighten.

The Beverly Hills Tennis Academy gave free tennis gift certificates to the Secret Room Events Pre-Nominees and guests.

Outter Goddess empowered guests with the latest luxury designer fashion trends. They were gifted jewelry and clothing that can equal or surpass star quality. Affordable fashion that can make anyone look like a goddess.

Homme gifted products from their vegan men's skincare line. Their wonderful products covered you from head to face including shampoo, shaving and even a three color concealer product to create a perfect youthful look.

Cakestry Cosmetics gifted guests with lavish dessert inspired bubble bath and body treats. These aromatic all natural dessert inspired body products are all natural and created with love

Rainbow Sherbet, Watermelon- Lemon Sorbet, or Ocean Breeze Ice were just a few of the sumptuous body treat options

Wrapped Clothing is a unique clothing design company who bestowed each guest with their best-selling item: a Shoulder Shrug- scarf with sleeves which comes in many beautiful colors. This sweater knit fabric will keep you stylish and warm during those breezy days or wintry nights.

Radazz Apparel handed out their exclusive bandanas that were designed to eliminate any pain or pressure a person feels when wearing sunglasses under a bandana. The RADAZZ bandana comes in many beautiful colors, patterns and has a spot in the bandana inside to hold your money, ID or credit card. How clever!

This beautiful rooftop event was filled a with a variety of celebrities, artists, entertainers, and athletes from actors like the quintessential Bruce Dern , Dania Ramirez ( The Sopranos and Heroes) to Grammy nominated musicians Damon Sharpe, Lucky Diaz, Joel Smallbone, Bizkit and Buttah, Luis Bordeaux, Robert Eibach, Sean Ardouin, and former NBA player Loren Woods, and many others.

Additional gifting sponsors were: Coop & Spree, Afi Briant, Phantomasy, Epico Designs, 5 Circle skin care, Freestyle photo & Imaging supplies, Skin Phrophecy / Pet Prophecy, Anecdote Naturals, GO cart world, Upleatherdesigns, Be A Heart, Peach X Pearl Co., Third eye buy Ethereal Aesthetics, Cheeterz club- Eyewear, Mikel Kristi skincare, Hidden Riches Men's Skincare, The Beauty Assassin Cosmetics , Candles by Adisa, Molly Bz Gourmet Cookies, Nate Hair Care, The De La Cruz Collection, Moss and palm, Smart Dog Ball, For Love Bridal, and Greek Island labs.

It was a luxurious and enjoyable day uniting top lifestyle brands with elite celebrities and artists atop the beautiful panoramic view of the Peterson Automotive Museum rooftop penthouse.

This year's marvelous co-sponsors were Lifeboost Coffee, Returned Jewelry and SJW Cosmetics LLC.


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