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Multiple Injuries at LAX After a Passenger Bus Collides With an Jumbo Jet On a Taxi way

No passengers were in the American Airlines Airbus A321

Feb. 11 (UPI) -- A collision between an American Airlines Airbus A321 and a shuttle bus on a taxiway at Los Angeles International Airport Friday left five people injured, officials said.

Airport officials said in a statement that a jet being towed from a gate to a parking area "made contact with a shuttle bus" resulting in injuries to about five people. The Airbus A321 was empty of passengers and only had one airport worker on board.

The driver of the tug vehicle pulling the plane was injured, along with the bus driver and two passengers board the bus, KTLA-TV reported.

The airport worker who was onboard the Airbus during the collision was also lightly injured, firefighters said.

Four of the injured people were brought to hospitals for treatment while the worker who was onboard the Airbus didn't want to be hospitalized.


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