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Video Emerges of Garbage Spilling into Santa Monica Bay as a Result of Recent Storms

While the rain has certainly cleaned some streets, all that trash has to go somewhere.

2.24.23: Video has emerged of plastic bottles and other garbage floating into Santa Monica Bay as a result of this week's storm.

Every kind of trash one can possibly imagine — from plastic bottles and cans to blankets, pillows and mattresses — has floated down creekbeds and storm drains in Los Angeles County. It ends up floating on the area’s beaches.

Recent rains have of course, some positive effects too; the areas reservoirs are closer to full now. But the rain’s side effect has created for some truly hard to watch videos.“It was disgusting,” said one eyewitness. “It looked like a landfill.”

Ten million people live in Los Angeles County, a population greater than New York City. And all that trash has to go somewhere.


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