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Los Angeles Police Union Files Lawsuit to Take Down 'Killer Cops' Website

Twitter and Google have received Cease and Desist demands regarding the doxxing of police officers, including those undercover

March 24, 2023 –Today, in California Superior Court, a group of Los Angeles police officers as well as the union representing them, the Los Angeles Police Protective League, filed a lawsuit against the owner of the Killer Cops website demanding that it be taken down immediately.

Late last week, the LAPD mistakenly released the pictures, names and work locations of over 9,000 officers, including those who work in sensitive assignments and undercover operations.

"As a result of the LAPD's negligence in releasing the pictures, names and work locations of officers, even those working in undercover operations, the owner of the Killer Cops website was able to download this sensitive information, post it online and place a bounty to be paid to anyone who kills a Los Angeles police officer. This dangerous and abhorrent threat has further endangered every police officer, as well as their families, and we will be asking a judge to immediately intervene to protect our members," said Craig Lally, President of the Los Angeles Police Protective League.

A copy of the date stamped, filed lawsuit can be found here. (

Additionally, attorneys retained by the LAPPL have served a cease and desist notice on Twitter and Google seeking the immediate removal of the site from these social media platforms. Both notices are regarding the killer cops 1984 Twitter site and its usage of a Google accessed data dump of officers' photos and names. The Twitter site advocates for the murder of police officers.

"We certainly hope that Twitter and Google act with a sense of urgency to remove this threatening domestic terrorism site. The colossal blunder perpetuated by the LAPD in releasing this sensitive information must be met with a zero-tolerance approach by these two social media companies, which should include a lifetime ban of the owner of this site," said Robert Rico, General Counsel of the Los Angeles Police Protective League.

To view our internal affairs misconduct complaint against Chief Moore and Ms. Rhodes for their negligence in releasing this information, please click here(


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