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Actress Eugenia Kuzmina and author Heidi Schultz bring the glam to Montana Avenue

Actress and super-model Eugenia Kuzmina, currently starring in Guy Ritchie's new movie 'Operation Fortune' was caught checking out renown author and BFF Heidi Schultz's new children's book 'Little Dinky's Big Adventure' on Montana Avenue as the two friends patiently waited for a table outside of R&D Kitchen.

The two friends, who met in acting class, took time from their busy schedules to catch up. Eugenia is getting ready to jet to London to star in a play and Heidi is about to start promotion of her second book.

"I feel very strongly that the book is very important to the next generation of children, I hear daily from parents that children are so tuned into electronics and barely leave their bedrooms these days. I wanted to write a childrens book that focuses on the knowledge that there is a big world out there to be discovered. The book is also a great way for parents to teach that determination and never giving up gets the best results." Said Schultz.

The story is told through the relationship of a baby humming bird and his mother with breathtaking photographs by Schultz and stunning illustrations by Amy Hudson.

Copies of "Little Dinky's Big Adventure" can be bought on Amazon or Barnes and Noble


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