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Santa Monica City Councilmember Phil Brock Will Hear Resident Complaints of Hazards of Separated Bike Lane on 17th Street

Over 500 signatures have been gathered in a few days

April 26, 2023 - A petition demanding change to the altered nature of 17th Street between Pico and Wilshire has garnered 637 signatures in a few day and received the attention of Santa Monica City Councilmember Phil Brock. Brock the city's Director of Transportation have agreed to meet with those concerned about 17th Street on Thursday, April 27, at 5:30 pm at the corner of 17th Street and Broadway.

The petition is in reaction to the city installing concrete islands to separate bicyclists from motorists with vehicles parking in between these two lanes of differing types of traffic.

The petition, put up by a user calling themselves "Unity Year" says that the street has become "a concrete obstacle course." The original goal of the petition was 500 signature, but so many have signed beyond that such that the originators are now hoping for at least 1,000 signatures.

According to the petition the new configuration of the street has reduced the number of parking spaces, including disabled parking spaces, causes drivers to have to open car doors into traffic, and actualy makes it more difficult for cars to see and avoid bicyclists.

"There have already been several accidents involving the new bike lanes," the petition claims, "and although residents have voiced concerns with both city council and planning officials, the project has still gone forward."

The full text of the complaint is:

"A) disabled parking spaces have been taken out to accommodate the new bike lanes and disabled residents are now unable to navigate the huge curbs, and ramps that are in accessiblity vehicles cannot open safely

B) residents living on 17th, have to open their cars into traffic to get out of their vehicles, blocking traffic and causing safety concerns

C) there is no space for emergency vehicles to pass, or for delivery trucks to deliver goods, as they are totally blocking traffic

D) when cars are turning into their driveways, or turning right at the corner, it is nearly impossible to see bicyclist, as parked cars are now blocking them

E) when trying to make a left or right hand turn, from 17th street, traffic is totally stopped and needs to wait till a turn can be made

F) increased traffic is leading to increased pollution as well as a marked increase of noise (honking, yelling) on the street

G) the bicycle lane configuration is extremely disorienting and leads to confused drivers

H) bicyclist are still entering the car lanes (to make left hand turns etc), catching cars off guard and increasing accident risk

I) On every block, parking spaces (some that did not require permits, so others could park) were eliminated to allow space for concrete barriers"

Those who cannot attend the in-person meeting with Brock may write to him at


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