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LA County Runs Free Needle Distribution Program Across 7th Street From the Luxury Santa Monica Proper Hotel

The City of Santa Monica and the County along with Venice Family Clinic have been operating the only open-air, publicly funded needle, condom and synthetic distribution program in the country

A recent petition states that LA County is conducting a free needle distribution program in the 7 Eleven parking lot, across the street from the Santa Monica Proper Hotel. A luxury hotel, the Proper's rooms start at about $1,000 a night.

A petition to rid Santa Monica of the County of LA's distribution program has the signatures of at least one Santa Monica City councilmember, Phil Brock.

"The City of Santa Monica and the County along with Venice Family Clinic have been operating the only open-air, publicly funded needle, condom and synthetic distribution program in the country," says the Petition. "They make their distributions at Reed Park (across from a K-12 Catholic School with over 650 students), Tonvga Park, Palisades Park, the California Incline, 3rd Street Promenade and at the privately owned 7 Eleven parking lot on 7th and Wilshire. This program is attracting addicts to settle in our parks and public spaces and publicly use drugs causing a major safety concern with more needles being discarded in all areas where they are being distributed."

"California Governor Newsom vetoed a bill last year by Senator Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) that would have set up pilot programs using public funds, citing worries about "unintended consequences".

"Please sign this Petition Letter and request that the City of Santa Monica force the County to move their distribution program indoors under medical supervision with support services. The program should be moved from our Parks, the Promenade and the 7 Eleven in our Downtown.

"Santa Monica Proper introduces a looser kind of luxury to Santa Monica," boasts the Proper Hotel's website. "Here, along sun-drenched Wilshire Boulevard, within walking distance to the beach, each of the 267 rooms, suites and spaces successfully optimize the city's abundant ocean breezes and natural light, while the interior design finds inspiration in the organic tones and textures of the local coastline. Santa Monica Proper beckons guests with the only rooftop pool deck on the Westside, a one-of-a-kind setting that includes a Balearic outdoor restaurant, bar, and cabanas, where guests are front-row for sunsets over the Pacific. With an emphasis on Eastern inspired wellness, the hotel's Surya Spa, presided over by internationally renowned Ayurvedic guru Martha Soffer, offers custom-designed programs supporting physical, mental and spiritual health. Our Santa Monica Proper resort offers a true local experience in the heart of the city, walking distance from the beach, boutique shopping, health-conscious cafes, the world-class farmers market, and indulgent fine dining. Anything less just wouldn't be Proper."


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None writes:

Why hasn't anyone sued the City/County for creating dangerous conditions and not fixing dangerous conditions? The City/County are taking affirmative actions that make the parks and streets more dangerous for children and adult taxpaying citizens. By taking steps to create a dangerous condition that they know, and have been made aware, about - they are liable. Needles in parks/sidewalks are dangerous and illegal. Drugs in parks/sidewalks are dangerous. Used condoms in parks are dangerous and illegal. Broken glass in parks/sidewalks are dangerous and illegal. Prostitutes in public are illegal and dangerous. Psychopaths yelling criminal threats at children are dangerous. All of these folks can be arrested for these crimes, but they are not because our city wants these people to have a free-for-all while burdening law- abiding/taxpaying public. If there are any lawyers in Santa Monica, why is action not being taken?