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Chinese Virus Researcher Says Covid 19 was one of 4 Virus Strains Developed by Chinese as a Bioweapon

Explosive Interview With Shao Chao, Vice Director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology by Jennifer Zheng

Jennifer Zheng, a usually reliable reporter, says that she has interviewed Shao Chao, a researcher and vice director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He says that he was given 4 strains of coronavirus, that were developed specifically as bioweapons. His task was to determine which strains could infect the greatest number of species.

He said that he and others, deliberately spread the coronaviruses during the 2019 games. Actually he was asked to "check the athletes' hygiene," but this does not require a virologist like himself. So he believes his real task was to spread the virus, Shao believes.

"You must spread this (story) like mad," tweeted Zheng. She references Shao Chao's bio page on the Wuhan Institute of Virology website. She says that Shao reached out to her 2 years ago, after trying in vain to interest Western media in his story. She says Shao came forward because of his guilt over participating in a research project that caused the deaths of over 7 million people worldwide.

"First-ever explosive admission from #ShaoChao (单超 ) #WIV (#WuhanInstituteofVirology) researcher, vice director of #Wuhan #P4Lab: I Was Given 4 Strains of #Coronavirus to Select the Most Infectious one in Feb 2019. They were artificial, engineered in the lab, and #bioweapons ...

This is an overview and introduction of the exclusive interview I did. The links to the transcript and video of the full interview are in the comment area below. #Covid #Covid19 #pandemic #China #CCP #Wuhan #CCPVirus," tweeted Zheng.


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