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Video: City Councilman Injured in Tussle With a Homeless Man on the Third Street Promenade Sunday

A vagrant attacked Councilman Phil Brock at the Third Street Promenade on Sunday afternoon.

Santa Monica City Councilman Phil Brock was apparently assaulted by a homeless man on the Third Street Promenade Sunday, 7/16 around 3 pm PST.

"Phil and Cathy were walking on the Promenade," posted one source on social media, referring to Phil's partner, Cathy.

"As they approached John Alle's building, a vagrant was tearing down a sign that said "Get the needles out of our parks and Promenade". It had a QR code for people to sign a petition circulated by The Santa Monica Coalition.

(It was right underneath the infamous sign that says "Santa Monica is not Safe." )

Then the guy started throwing around pieces of the sign. Phil asked him not to litter, and to use the trash can.

Now the druggie started yelling at him to "F-off". So Phil began picking up the trash himself and throwing it away. Cathy was calling 9-1-1. The man kept screaming and cursing so loudly

(as on Fox reporter Bill Melugin*'s live shot in front of City Hall) that the operator could barely hear her.

Then he threw some sticky liquid on both Phil and Cathy; and threw the bottle at Phil. He started walking away, and Phil followed him to keep him in sight for Police. When they were near Anthropologie, the hostile guy jumped him, and stole his hat. Phil asked for it back, and the guy shoved him. Both men went down.

A tussle ensued, in which Phil thinks he might have sprained a couple fingers. Remember, this guy was in his mid-20's, 250 pounds.The Police arrived and arrested him.

They wanted Phil to go to the hospital, but all he could think about was getting home. I do hope he gets checked out. So he's OK, sore, and shaken up, of course.

Thankfully, it wasn't worse.

The man who assaulted Phil was hospitalized on a 72 hour 5150 hold. That will allow psychiatric professionals to evaluate his mental health, and to determine whether he is a danger to himself or others."

At the same time the sign was being destroyed at John Alle's store, some guys visited his house and pounded on his door. Coincidentally, the last time this happened--both to the store and his house--was four months ago.

The banner the guy tore down said " "Get the needles out of our parks and Promenade. End the illegal needle distribution program. Sign the petition (with a QR code.) . The Santa Monica"


Reader Comments(4)

Joel writes:

The the individual who attacked Brock was in Venice from 4am until 1pm. Police reports were submitted by 7am. Police were called a second time, physically responded then left. Two-three hours later, he’s back again and starts marching toward the promenade. After being on hold for 50 minutes with LAPD Dispatch, I hung up. Between 4am and 8am FIVE LAPD officers had eyes on him and declined to intervene. Five officers declined to intervene. Five.

HarveyMushman writes:

Doing the same thing over and over for 40 years and expecting different result is the definition of insanity. Santa Monica has some of the most expensive zip codes in the country and it's not safe thanks to the city's uber Leftist policies. Virtual signaling over public safety. It going to take a high ranking city official or one of their family members being maimed or killed before the city will care... A once wonderful city virtually ruined...

Ghkfan writes:

Kind of proves the sign is right 😢 We need to start implementing care court so mentally ill substance abusers can be sentenced to residential treatment facilities, where they are not a danger to themselves and others.

gina writes:

I have ALSO been attacked on the 3rd St promenade and will NEVER GO BACK THERE. The whole city is falling apart and dangerous.