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By Alyssa Erdley
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Man Beaten in Palisades Park by Scooter Riders

The incident occurred in the 800 block of Palisades Park on Friday night some time after 9 pm


Generic photo of two people riding illegally together on a scooter. Not the perpetrators.

July 25, 2023 - The Santa Monica Police Department has confirmed the details of an email circulating regarding a 66-year-old man getting beaten by a group of six people on scooters in Palisades Park.

Alyssa Erdley

Palisades Park is valued as a beautiful walking area with views of the Pacific Ocean. It stretches from the far northern point of Santa Monica down to Colorado Avenue and the Santa Monica Pier

According to Myesha Morrison of the SMPD, officers were called to the 800 block of Palisades Park on Friday night around 9:20 pm. A large group of people on scooters drove by a 66-year-old man who was approaching his vehicle. When one of the scooters rode over the man's foot, he reportedly pushed the rider. At that point, six of the scooter riders stopped and commenced to beat the elderly man, punching and kicking.

In the circulating email, the victim had merely told the riders to slow down, and the assailants are described as "young men." The victim sustained a chipped tooth as his head and body was smashed. He was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital. The victim is, according to the email, in a "constant state of vertigo. He has crazy pain all over his body, massive headaches and he's been seeing flashes since the beating."

SMPD reports they have taken witness statements and the investigation into the incident is ongoing. The police spokesperson did not indicate whether or not location data would be sought from the scooter company. Anyone with information related to this incident is encouraged to contact the Santa Monica Police Department.


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