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Suspect in Beach Bathroom Murder, Has Long History of Arrests

Juan Evarastico Bahena has previous misdemeanors, mostly in the Southbay and mostly on the MTA trains.

The man accused of stabbing to death another man outside a Santa Monica beach public restroom has a long history of arrests beginning about two years ago. Juan Evarastico Bahena, 48, identified by the Santa Monica Police Department as homeless, is accused of stabbing and killing a 27-year-old male in the breezeway next to the men's restrooms shortly after 2 pm on Monday in the 2000 block of the beach.

According the the SMPD presse release, "Witnesses told officers that they heard an argument break out between the victim and suspect in the breezeway next to the men's restrooms. One of the witnesses saw the suspect stab the victim several times in the torso and chest. The victim, a 27-year-old male, was unconscious when officers located him." The victim succumbed to his injuries after transport to a local area hospital. News reports claim the victim was also homeless.

Officers were able to locate the suspect, who remained in the area, and found the suspected weapon in his backpack. He was arrested for murder and booked into the Santa Monica jail.

Most of the charges against Bahena in his booking history are misdemeanors. However, Proposition 47 downgraded many previous felonies to misdemeanors in 2015. Most of his arrests have taken place in the Southbay or on MTA trains in Los Angeles. His first listed arrest was two years ago.


Reader Comments(4)

Grandma writes:

The state of our city has become ugly, scary and so very sad. I don't understand how people on the streets have the rights and tax-paying residents are left to navigate with the risk of verbal and physical assault. I am very saddened by the fact my son and daughter-in-law will no longer let my 8 and 10-year-old granddaughters spend the night with me. They've been terrified by the vicious outbursts from the mentally dysfunctional people in my neighborhood park. Something needs to be done and if there is an organizer out there to take action, I'll gladly join and help. I no longer give out food and money. Every morning there are littered alcohol bottles strewn in my street and yard.

SMResident2000 writes:

Santa Monica is not safe for its residents. I do not feel safe walking on Santa Monica streets. I do not fee safe going to the Third Street Promenade. I do not feel safe walking near the beach. Why do we pay such high taxes when our local government doesn't protect its citizens? What will it take to get the homeless and the criminals off our streets? Besides voting, what can we do to take our streets back?

None writes:

LA County needs a broken windows approach to crime like Bill Bratton instituted. And we need a FEMA/refugee approach to all of the folks on the street. Since when do people just get to take over large swaths of public land for their own personal/private use? This is completely lawless. It's outrageous. Any infraction (drug use, distributing drug paraphernalia (thanks barbara ferrer/david white (each being paid around half a million a year on taxpayer dime)), pooping on the street, urinating in public, naked, graffiti, littering, etc.) needs to be swiftly prosecuted and the perpetrator should be required to face a consequence. Community service (picking up poop/cleaning graffiti, etc.), jail, fines, wearing a cardboard sign. People need to speak up though. Nothing will change if we are not contacting our elected officials, forming groups, marching in the street, putting up signs in protest. What is happening is not acceptable. Drugs/unemployment/welfare should not be a choice

LoriE writes:

You literally risk your life being anywhere in Santa Monica, and city leaders are fine with the way things are. Daily stabbings and dead bodies everywhere. The City Council has gifted our once beautiful city to out of state violent criminals. Tourists and residents MUST be warned that SANTA MONICA IS NOT SAFE!