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Beach Warnings for Los Angeles County June 12, 2024

Santa Monica Pier and Santa Monica Canyon, among others

June 12, 2024

Ocean Water Use Warning for Los Angeles County Beaches

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health cautions residents who are planning to visit the below Los Angeles County beaches to avoid swimming, surfing, and playing in ocean waters:


Santa Monica Canyon Creek at Will Rogers State beach. Near Will Rogers Tower 18

100 yards up and down the coast from the creek.

Castlerock Storm Drain at Topanga County Beach

The entire swim area.

Walnut Creek at Paradise Cove

The entire swim area.

Sweetwater Canyon Storm Drain at Carbon Canyon Beach

The entire swim area.

Malibu Pier in Malibu

The entire swim area.

Ramirez Creek at Paradise Cove

100 yards up and down the coast from the pier.

Mothers Beach in Marina Del Rey

The entire swim area.

Malibu Lagoon at Surfrider Beach

100 yards up and down the coast from the public restrooms.

Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica

100 yards up and down the coast from the pier.

These warnings have been issued due to bacterial levels exceeding health standards when last tested.


Warnings have been lifted for the following beach areas where recent sample results identified water quality levels within State standards:

Topanga Canyon Beach in Malibu

Inner Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro

Marie Canyon Storm Drain at Puerco Beach

Escondido Creek at Escondido State Beach

Recorded information on beach conditions is available 24- hours a day on the County's beach closure hotline: 1-800- 525-5662.To view the map of impacted locations and for more information, please visit


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