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Laphonza Butler, Newsom's Choice for California Senator, Apparently Resides in Maryland

"Butler currently lives in Maryland, but, the governor's office said, she owns a home in California and will switch her voter registration."

Hold everything! Turns out that Laphonza Butler, the political hack chosen by Newsom to serve in the US Senate, actually resides in the State of Maryland. This according to her voter registration, her Linkedin bio, and her other social media accounts.

"It appears EMILY's list has removed the final line in Laphonza Butler's bio that states she lives in Maryland." Tweeted Ashley Zavala. "Newsom's office confirms she moved to DC area for EMILY's list, but is a CA homeowner and will reregister to vote in California before being sworn in."

"Laphonza Butler's deep experience in CA politics and advocacy for workers and women overshadows her current MD residency. Criticizing her appointment based solely on location is a narrow view that overlooks her qualifications and commitment." tweeted Billy Snider.

"Butler currently lives in Maryland, but, the governor's office said, she owns a home in California and will switch her voter registration."

"This is not ok," tweeted Coraline. "If you haven't experienced what's happening in CA in the last few years, you should not be representing us in the Senate."

"This can be another major problem for @GavinNewsom pick of @LaphonzaB to replace Feinstein in US Senate: she doesn't legally reside in California and has most recently registered to vote (and voted) in Maryland! The potential pool was so bad in CA that he had to go outside the state? 🤔". Tweeted @houmanhemmati

“You look at all of her bios that were put up before she was appointed, and they list her as being born in Mississippi, and currently a resident of the State of Maryland.” said John Phillips on KABC 790. “She lived her for ten years as an adult, to go to work. Newsom went out of state, found someone who didn’t live here, and picked that person to be Senator. I don’t know why you would do that.”

“Newsom just disrespected everyone in Sacramento, and he doesn’t care. Which is why he allows these problems in California to fester. He wants to talk about a government shutdown, or abortion. Because in his mind, he’s not a statewide elected official in California. So this pick had nothing to do with you and me. It was about national politics.”

“I think Laphonza Butler was caught flat footed. She didn’t know she would be picked, so she didn’t update her online bios. She also didn’t form a committee and ask for donations. She can still run, but she hasn’t filled out the form yet, switching her registration.”

“No one will dare run against her for the Senate seat, on the Democratic side. Adam Schiff, Katie Porter and Barbara Lee’s campaigns are effectively ended.”

Poor Dianne Feinstein’s lost in the shuffle. She’s not even in the ground yet, and she’s already forgotten.


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