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A West Bank Pizza Restaurant Mocked Holocaust Survivor Taken Prisoner by Hamas. So Israel Defence Forces Bulldozed It

Mocking an elderly victim of the massacre and hostage taken less than one week ago earned a severe reaction from Israeli authorities

Israeli forces using a bulldozer to destroy a pizza restaurant in the West Bank that had used its social media account to mock an elderly Holocaust survivor taken hostage by Hamas.

A Pizzeria in the West Bank Town of Huwara thought it would be Funny to create a Pizza Ad using the Image of a Israeli Holocaust Survivor. The 95 year old woman, suffering from dementia, was Captured by Hamas during its recent surprise attack and massacre. She is currently being held in Gaza probably in a tunnel underground.

The IDF didn't see they humor. The brought a bulldozer and reportedly arrested the owners.

Online reaction? "mocking an elderly Holocaust survivor taken hostage by a terrorist organization is beyond disgusting." tweeted Scheuden Frau.

"Not supporting someone's right to speak out online is the most un-American thing I can think of," said Krishna Slayer. "Besides, that's a front loader, not a bulldozer."

"Talk about fuck around and find out," said Allreds Blue.


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