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Temple of the Arts Beverly Hills held an Extraordinary Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) full of speakers and spiritualty!

The inspiring services featured a 12 member choir composed of singers from the Los Angeles Opera , and Los Angeles Master Chorale.

From Sunset September 24, 2023 until Sundown Monday September 25, 2023 Temple of The Arts at the Saban Theatre, 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, held its Yom Kippur Services officiated by Rabbi David Baron

Rabbi David Baron, is the founder of the Temple of the Arts, is the largest arts and entertainment synagogue in the United States, which owns the Saban Theatre.

This year the Temple of the Arts generously gave complementary seating to both its High Holiday Services on Rosh Hashanah (September 15-17, 2023) and on Yom Kippur ( September 24-25, 2023) to all members of both The Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA in support of currently striking writers and actors.

Yom Kippur, is the holiest day of the year for Jews to repent and pray for any sins, and transgression to others consciously or not. It is a solemn day of worship and appeal for a better year for everyone in the world. Yom Kippur is a time for fasting and forgiveness!

Rabbi David Baron's Sunday Evening Kol Nidre Services guest speakers included:

Aron Bell, now 96 years old, shared his story, how he and his late brothers Tuvia, Zus, and Asael, known as the Bielski Partisans, saved the lives of over 1200 Jews during World War II, as depicted in the feature film , Defiance.and Johnny Daniels, 37 year old Founder of From The Depths Foundation discussed the discovery of a 70 plus-year –old Torah Scroll in Filipow, Poland, which is now being rewritten by Holocaust survivors.

The inspiring services featured a 12 member choir composed of singers from the Los Angeles Opera , and Los Angeles Master Chorale.

Service Performers of this High Holiday included Nathan Lam, Cantor, Adrienne Baron, noted vocalist, Ilysia J. Pierce, Cantor, Dr Judea Pearl, father of slain Wall Street Journal reporter, Sharon Farber, Grammy Award-winning , Emmy Award Nominated Film, Television and Concert Music Composer, and Elden Kontesz, 12 year old talented singer whose credits include :"Transparent", "The Simpsons" and "Don't Look Deeper".

Among the distinguished guests at the Sunday evening service was billionaire and philanthropist Michael Milken, Chairman of the Milken Institute, who graciously chatted with me, recognizing meeting at a financial conference a few years ago.

Yom Kippur Service Highlights on Monday September 25, 2023 included the Yizkor Memorial Service for the departed at 12 noon

There were many beautiful singers including: Hazzan Nathan Lam, Cantor Ilysia J.Pierce, Daniel Pearl, Adrienne Baron, Eden Kontensz, and others.

Rabbi Baron lead an engaging "Question and Answer Session" from 2-5 p.m with his special guests and vignettes from Wendy Klout's play, Survivors presented by Arts For Change, a screening of Adi Eshmans film, "ANNE" and speakers John A Mirisch, former Mayor of Beverly Hills, spoke on "Standing Up To Anti-Semitism " and Dr Fred Luskin spoke on "Forgiveness: The How and Why",

The Closing Prayers and Services (Mincha/Neilah/ Havdalah Service concluded with a final Shofar Blast. Traditionally the concluding Shofar Blowing represents joy, hope and G-ds promise of supporting a better year for everyone!

After the closing prayers there was a luscious and tasty "Break The Fast Reception" in the Lobby. This was a magnificent service, with elevating speakers, talented singers, and lead by brilliant and dedicated Rabbi David Baron.

It is my hope and prayer that God makes this year of peace, hope, love, health and prosperity for everyone! For more information:


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