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The Election of Mayors and City Councils who side with criminals, homeless, outsiders, unions, over taxpayers is Killing California

There's a LOT to be fixed. Replacing Newsom or repealing Prop 47 are necessary but, on their own, insufficient to fix the state. My two cents.

Steve Hilton wonders how California has gone so far in the wrong direction. "California has gone from the pinnacle of the American Dream to the place that everyone can't wait to leave. How did that happen in a matter of decades?" he writes. Here's my brief take:

1. Election of Newsom, an empty shell of a handsome spokesman, who turned California into a piggy bank and playground for the special interests who own/control him (see below).

2. Election of Soros-backed DAs (Gascon, Boudin, others) who refuse to follow the law and flagrantly ignore laws that have been on the books for decades.

3. Election of Democratic Socialist-supported Mayors and City Councilmembers who side with criminals, homeless, outsiders, unions, over taxpaying, honest citizens.

4. Rise in power for unions, in particular public sector unions like CTA teachers' union, prison guard unions, SEIU and Unite Here Local 11.

5. Wall Street-backed developers who created & fueled the Homeless-Industrial Complex™️ with a "housing first" agenda that they used to justify limitless runaway apartment construction & taxpayer-funded million-dollar condos on expensive land. This also incentivized them to propagate, rather than end, the homeless "crisis" in order to justify further "homeless" taxes & funding, all of which ends up in the hands of wealthy developers.

6. Refusal of most Californians to vote for anyone without a "D" after their name and the successful characterization by California's Democrat party of moderate democrats as well as all Republicans as "MAGA" and calling them anti-abortion, racist, homophobic insurrectionists.

7. De facto legalization of all drugs by failing to prosecute sale/possession/use.

8. Use of "COVID" as excuse to empty prisons of all but the most serious of felons, dumping tens of thousands of criminals including violent felons onto the streets with NO job, no hope of a job, no home, no skills, and a welcoming environment for crime and homelessness, all with the promise of a million dollar condo, rent-free, forever.

9. Use of "COVID" as an excuse to mandate universal mail-in ballots and early voting and ballot drop-boxes, and enabling rampant, organized/professional ballot harvesting operations by groups like LA Federation of Labor (800k members who volunteer) & others who show up within hours of ballots hitting mailboxes and getting them filled out with all "their" candidates/votes.

10. Early voting that's way too early & turns Election Day into election MONTH, forcing many voters to regret their vote in the event of an "October surprise". Think Biden laptop & Fetterman's disastrous debate performance in PA.

11. Voters ignorantly & regrettably passing Prop 47, which decriminalized most theft, making paying for items in a store more of a suggestion than a requirement. Couple this with the fact that it's now illegal to go after thieves when they steal things, and we now have a lawless state.

12. Courts/voters/counties enacting "zero cash bail" rules which let criminals loose and free to commit additional crimes (which they do).

13. State/county/city regulations and taxes that treat honest, tax paying citizens like criminals, all in the name of "housing," "equity," "climate," and a host of other progressive causes of the week.

There's a LOT to be fixed. Replacing Newsom or repealing Prop 47 are necessary but, on their own, insufficient to fix the state. My two cents.


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