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Columbia Professor Shai Davidai Pleads with University to Protect Jewish Students by "Taking a Clear Stand Against Murder."

“We would never allow the KKK to march on Campus. So why do we allow Hamas at Columbia?"

I am an assistant professor at Columbia Business School. I am a father, a husband, an uncle, and a son. I am a forty-year-old man, and last week I found myself crying in front of a group of complete strangers.

In a video that has since gone viral, I stood on Columbia University's main campus and pleaded with my employer to protect me and help me protect the thousands of Jewish students whose lives and safety have been entrusted to us by worried parents all across the United States.

I pleaded with my employer to help me protect the lives of thousands of Jewish students from pro-terror student organizations who openly laud Hamas-an internationally recognized terrorist organization.

I pleaded with the presidents of colleges and universities all around the country to take a clear moral stance against rape and torture and the kidnapping of helpless civilians.

I pleaded with colleges and universities to live up to their stated mission of humanism and enlightenment. I pleaded-and still plead-because the silence of college presidents all across the country is deafening.

I am not tenured. I could be fired for this.

But if my research into behavioral psychology has taught me anything, it's that looking back on my life, I am more likely to regret not taking a stance.

I can't afford not to take a stance. Not when students' lives are on the line. Not when my children's lives are on the line.

My children may be American citizens, but, through their mother and me, they are Israelis, too. And because they are Israelis, because they are Jews, I fear for them.

I fear for my two-year-old daughter, who's funny and brave and thinks everyone in the world is her friend. I fear for my seven-year-old son, who still asks me to sit next to his bed for a few minutes every night when I tuck him into bed.

I fear, because there are student organizations on my own campus who see my beautiful children as legitimate targets. I fear, because the president of my university-my very own employer-refuses to speak up against such senseless violence and hatred.

Let's call this what it is. This is cowardice.

I see my son's and daughter's faces in the faces of the hundreds of innocent children and teenagers who were murdered, tortured, raped, brutalized, and kidnapped on October 7th.

For Hamas and its supporters, those children are acceptable targets. And right now, in colleges and universities all across the country, there are hundreds of pro-terror student organizations that are celebrating these vile crimes against humanity.

This is what the President of Columbia is refusing to condemn. This is what the President of Harvard is refusing to condemn. This is what the Presidents of Yale and NYU and UC Berkeley and many other "enlightened" institutions throughout the country are refusing to condemn.


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