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An Open Letter to: Rapper Tory Lanez, located at North Kern State Prison

Should he claim trans status, he could enjoy women's prison

The world knows you as rapper Tory Lanez. However, the California Department of Corrections will call you by your birth name. So let me begin by saying "hello" to you, Mr. Daystar Peterson. Let me also state that I don't believe you shot at Megan Thee Stallion that day. That ship has now sailed. You are now in state prison. Your world is upside down. Your head is spinning. Congratulations on getting out of [unreadable] isolation and into the mainstream general population of that reception center. Your family sympathizes but can never truly understand how you feel in this environment. You were on top of the world. Now your world is a tiny cell with a metal toilet. You're 5'3" and your Canadian. Other prisoners will be looking to exploit your obvious weaknesses. You need a man!

Lucky for you. You're in California. You'll be glad to know that the Woke Progressive Aggressive Trans Movement has now overtaken California's prison system. Plenty of men like you have been transferred to C.I.W.'s Women's general population here.

You'll also need people you can trust and depend on. Your guardian angel has arrived. My name is Amber Jackson. I'm located here at C.I.W. I'm your new best friend. I'm here to offer you mentorship and guidance as you navigate this new world - your world. I'm your dream come true. My plan will make you smile each and every day of your prison time! My offer to mentor and guide you is real. I'll show you how to get a good job. Settle into your daily routine and conduct yourself.

First things first - I noticed that you are non-binary! Well, here at C.I.W. we welcome non-binary folks with open arms. Penis and all. Really. SB132 has allowed a non-binary man such as yourself to come over with their non-penis. I walk past them every day. Since you're already non-binary, it's time for you to claim your "trans status" and come out of the closet. Then you'll land in a women's prison and do time with us. With ME. Do you want to be torn apart by the wolves or nibbled on by us cougars? So say it out loud and proud, "Thank you, Scott Weiner (D-CA)." He made a way for your non-binary self to bring your non-penis to this facility.

I'm here waiting to welcome and greet you! There are plenty of "non-binary" and "trans" men here, with their full male anatomy, walking around here on this yeard already. So never fear. Call me Big Mamam. I'm going to handle all of your non-binary problems. Let's embrace the Progressive Woke Trans Culture. You'll have the best of both worlds.

Tory, I'm here for you. We're ready for you here at the women's prison. I'm here to guide you on your non-binary journey. Make you next move you best move... Let's do this. SB132 is God's gift to you. If you're a male prisoner, with a penis, California Women's prison is where you belong. Let's ride this woke tidal wave together. I stand corrected. MEN are perfect for WOMEN'S prisons...


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