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Gang Kidnaps Hundreds in Haiti Hospital; Former Bolivian President Wants Israel Declared a Terrorist State

100% Inflation in Argentina and Other Stories: Interamerican Watch Newsletter


An illegal espionage scandal poisons the campaign for the presidency in Argentina

According to the federal prosecutor's investigation, Zanchetta had links with two Peronist officials close to Kirchner: a national deputy and a current director of the State tax agency (AFIP), who was one of the leaders of the La Cámpora group, the militants most faithful of the former president....Read more >>


Argentina's 100% inflation draws crowds to used clothes markets

Hard-up Argentines, tightening their purse strings with inflation at 140% and rising, are increasingly turning to second-hand clothing markets, both to find affordable bargains and to raise extra cash from selling old garments....Read more >>



Evo criticizes Biden and once again asks the Government to declare Israel a "terrorist state"

The former president, who was presented by an Iranian channel as the standard-bearer of the defense of Palestine, once again asked the Government to declare Israel a "terrorist State"....Read more >>



How the Boric government evaded controls to give USD 1.3 million to a campaign collaborator

More than 1 billion Chilean pesos have been allocated to foundations allied to President Gabriel Boric without using the Expert Choice software, necessary to evaluate the competitiveness of the organizations that will receive public funds....Read more >>



Petro suffered a new drop in the polls, according to the Opinionometer: disapproval index reached historic levels

As reported by the polling firm, 64% of those consulted reject Petro's management, compared to 29% who approve. Compared to the result of the survey, which was carried out from September 21 to 23, it increased one point, since then it had 63% disapproval....Read more >>



Organizations demand forcefulness in the face of human rights violations in Cuba

On the eve of the scrutiny of the Cuban regime in the IV Universal Periodic Review (UPR), which will take place this Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland, nine organizations called on the States participating in the process to make "firm and forceful recommendations" to the Government against to the systematic violations of human rights in Cuba.


Cuba receives criticism at the UN for long sentences for protesters

During the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), to which the 193 member countries of the UN must undergo, various nations expressed their concern about arbitrary detentions, as well as the harassment of human rights defenders and independent journalists on the Island....Read more >>


Report and denunciation: this was the procedural dystopia of 11j in Cuba

This is how a cruel and criminal dictatorship works. Without the opportunity to do anything, with the only right to comply with the judicial horrors that they comment on those of us who do not sympathize with them, violating each of the articles expressed in The Magna Carta of Human Rights, dictated......Read more >>



Women, children and babies: Gang enters hospital in Haiti and kidnaps "hundreds" of people

In the midst of the lack of control due to the actions of the gangs in Haiti, a criminal gang would have entered a hospital in Port-au-Prince, capital of the Caribbean country, taking women, children and newborns hostage....Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

Palestinians and Arab countries

By our Director: Ricardo Israel

These days there are many who have been surprised by those Arab countries that claim to support the Palestinian cause, but have nevertheless refused to receive refugees from Gaza, including Egypt and Jordan, even temporarily and while the fighting lasts....Read more >>


United States: from the Americas Initiative to APEP

By our Director: Beatrice E. Rangel

34 years have passed since President George Bush announced the Project Initiative for the Americas, whose pillars were: the Brady Plan to restructure the debt of Latin American countries; establishment of the world's largest free trade area in the hemisphere, the FTA, and a democracy promotion forum, the Inter-American Summit....Read more >>


De la Sotta: the battle continues

By our Director: Luis Gonzales Posada

With the release of Sotta, however, only one episode has been won in the long struggle that we must face so that Venezuela can get rid of a corrupt and genocidal government, a battle that must continue with the immediate release of 260 political prisoners....Read more >>



Daniel Ortega from tyrant to trafficker, illegal migration is his new business

Daniel Ortega has surpassed himself. Although it may seem impossible, it is so. The 78-year-old dictator has been in power for 27 years and now adds illegal migration and human trafficking to his list of crimes....Read more >>



UN members concerned that Russia and China are helping North Korea

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Tuesday that United Nations member states enforcing the Korean War armistice are concerned that China and Russia are helping North Korea expand its military capabilities by allowing for Pyongyang to evade UN sanctions....Read more >>



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