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Los Angeles Freeway Shutdown Due to "Anti-Zionist" Demonstration on the 110 Harbor Freeway in DTLA

At 11 am, the CHP announced that all people on the freeway southbound and all members of the media are in violation of the law and subject to arrest.

A group of demonstrators shut down Interstate 110, the Harbor Freeway in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday morning. The closure was Southbound near the Second Street exit.

At 11 am, the California Highway Patrol announced that all people on the freeway southbound as well as *specifically* all members of the media are in violation of the law and subject to the arrest immediately.

"You are in violation of blocking the freeway," announced a CHP officer through a bullhorn. "You are hereby ordered to leave the freeway immediately. If you do not you will be subject to immediate arrest and detention. If you resist, necessary force will be used. This warning also applies to members of the media. There is no delay in this arrest."

"CHP had been arresting all protesters in zip ties (last footage I got was of them breaking out the zip ties) as well as two legal observers with the National Lawyers Guild." said one press observer.

"Pro-Palestine protestors block the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles calling for a ceasefire. Causing major disruptions and blocking traffic is what decolonization looks like.” tweeted Libs of Tik Tok.

"Stopping traffic in California does nothing to help the people in Gaza or anywhere in the middle east, why do these people think this is necessary or helpful at all?” tweeted Frank

"Bunch of absolute losers. Who even has the time for this? Does no one work? I wonder how they can afford to take time off work (wink) to protest?? It's almost as if some wealthy America hating A-hole is funding them.” tweeted Scott Mitchell.

"If we just arrested them and let them spend 45 days in LA county over the holidays that would fix it. Heck a week in LA County would fix it. That place sucks, or so I'm told.” tweeted Joey.

They’re not "Pro-Palestine" they're "Pro-Hamas" stop using their definitions. tweeted Ironhead


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