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Turkish Member of Parliament Shouts "Israel Will Suffer the Wrath of Allah!" Then Dies of a Heart Attack

"Karma is a bitch sometimes," tweets some in reply.

A Turkish Member of Parliament suffered a heart attack seconds after shouting that Israel would "suffer the wrath of Allah."

MP Hasan Bismet spoke out strongly against Israel, and shouted about Israeli suffering the "wrath of Allah". Seconds later, he had a heart attack, reports Visegrad News on Twitter.

Making the story even more ironic, Turkey has occupied the Northern third of Cyprus, an independent Greek speaking country, since 1975.

"Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed,And whoever curses Israel will be cursed." Numbers 24:9. Tweeted E. Dubbs.

"You can’t make these things up!” tweeted Rabbi Shmuel Reichman. "Literally seconds after Hasan Bismet, the MP of Turkey, threatened that Israel would suffer the “wrath of Allah,” this happens…I don’t know about you… but when someone has a heart attack seconds after calling on the wrath of God to serve “justice”… I think the divine providence is clearly coming from a different direction."


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