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Spaghetti Sundays at The Georgian Room: Savoring Nostalgia

You'll Love Santa Monica's Hidden Gem Full of Old Hollywood Glamour

The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica was recently renovated with meticulous attention to preserving its historic charm. It seamlessly blends classic architecture with contemporary luxury, creating a refined comfort. The hotel offers two dining options. The first is The Restaurant at The Georgian, spread across the lobby area with an outdoor terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It also offers an indoor dining room and lobby bar area open seven days a week and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If staying at The Georgian Hotel, you'll want to spend time on the beautiful ocean-front terrace. However, four nights a week, indulge in an exclusive chance to unwind and socialize in the exquisite setting of The Georgian Room.

The Georgian Room "Spaghetti Sundays"

The Georgian Room--think Dan Tana's, The Dresden, Formosa Cafe--is a steakhouse open three nights a week, Thursday through Saturday. However, the latest treasure to become a Georgian regular is the weekly family-style feast known as Spaghetti Sundays. The speakeasy-style dining room effortlessly channels the golden era of Hollywood glamour, creating an ambiance that captivates patrons. "Spaghetti Sundays," a family-friendly weekend finale, beautifully honors the beloved family night tradition, rekindling the warmth and timeless connections reminiscent of days gone by. Most of all, it provides a welcoming space for families and friends to gather.

How To Get To Santa Monica's Newest Treasure

Pulling up to the hotel, we noticed the charming ambiance and attention to detail, reminiscent of the 1930s through the 1950s. Bellhops--decked out in baby blue Victorian-era uniforms complete with brimless caps--lined up along the entrance, waiting to assist. It added an inviting touch of warmth and hospitality. The valet took our car, setting the tone for a seamless arrival. We made our way to the outside check-in area, where we were met with genuine hospitality. After confirming our reservation, the attendant guided us to the discreet entrance on the side of the hotel, where a quaint doorbell awaited the announcement of our arrival. The door handles, whimsically crafted in the form of mermaids, added a touch of enchantment to the entrance, infusing some maritime charm. Every well-planned detail enhanced the overall appeal of the experience.

Upon ringing, the door opened to reveal a tiny room covered in art-deco wallpaper. It was a step back in time, a nod to an era where elegance and style dominated. The room exuded an exclusive atmosphere, creating a truly dramatic entrance to The Georgian Room, and we loved it!

Traditionally, guests are gently reminded to stow away their phones upon entry, with a strict no-photography policy in place. However, this evening presented a unique exception for us, acknowledging the importance of capturing and sharing the entertaining Spaghetti Sunday experience. It's worth noting that we approached this privilege with the utmost respect, ensuring that we honored their request with sincerity once the necessary photos for the article were secured.

The Georgian Room Ambiance

Entering The Georgian Room feels like stepping into a nostalgic time capsule. The dimly lit ambiance casts an intimate glow. The color palette evokes a sense of opulence. Green leather booths, classic and elegant, line the narrow room. The red checkered tablecloths infusing the space with a vintage charm. It's a scene that sparks memories of special dinners from childhood, a tradition many grandparents, including mine, upheld.

The room's coziness is accentuated by its narrow dimensions. A petite bar, spanning about eight seats across, adds to the intimate feel. The impeccably dressed waitstaff heightens the sense of occasion, prompting diners to elevate their style. Since this isn't your average dinner spot, it calls for a touch of effort in dressing up. As the bar upstairs has continued to gain a trendy allure, maintaining a polished look is essential if you plan to extend your evening. With its old-world glamour, The Georgian Room invites diners to immerse themselves in an authentic, visually striking experience. It effortlessly bridges the gap between the past and the present.

All About Spaghetti Sundays

It is no surprise that Spaghetti Sundays serves up the flavors of Italy. Chef David Almany's curated prix fixe menu of Italian classics resonates with authenticity. House-made garlic bread's simplicity, the Caesar salad's crispness, and the comforting familiarity of a savory, hearty spaghetti marinara sauce set the stage for an immersive dining experience.

Spaghetti, of course, is the primi or first course after the salad. Diners get to choose il secondo, the main or second course, which compliments the spaghetti deliciously. Choices include Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Parmesan, Grandpa Tony's Meatballs, a delicate Branzino Filet or a New York Strip--for an extra $30 per person. We tried the savory meatballs and the juicy chicken parmesan with an irresistibly crisp and golden crust, which were flavorful and perfect with the spaghetti.

Naturally, Chianti, with its robust character, elegantly complements hearty, earthy meals like pasta. A welcome pour is thoughtfully included in the prix fixe menu, adding an authentic touch to the communal gathering around the table. There is a wine and cocktail menu; non-drinkers or under 21 can opt for a mocktail.

The dessert selection becomes the sweet epilogue. Again, diners can choose between the richness of a brownie with velvety vanilla gelato, the comforting allure of warm chocolate chip cookies, or the unpretentious delight of vanilla soft serve. Every brownie/gelato combo spoonful brought moments of pure euphoria and a lingering sweetness. It was quite the meal!

A jazz trio played some standards as well as favorites of yesteryear. Their music added an extra layer of old Hollywood glamour to the ambiance. The sophisticated vibe they brought to The Georgian Room perfectly complemented the overall experience.

Après Dinner, Explore The Georgian Hotel

Should you choose to extend your evening, take a quick tour of the hotel lobby area, explore the elegant spaces, and then unwind with a nightcap at the bar. As in any old Hollywood movie, a digestif is the perfect way to conclude any delicious, filling and flavorful meal.

The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica offers a multifaceted experience where historic charm meets modern luxury. From the warm hospitality at the entrance to the carefully curated details within The Georgian Room, every element contributes to an unforgettable visit. With its Italian-themed prix fixe menu, Spaghetti Sundays stands out as a cherished tradition that beautifully honors the warmth of family nights. The attention to detail and the elegant ambiance make The Georgian Hotel a standout destination, seamlessly blending the allure of the past with contemporary sophistication.

Plan Ahead For Spaghetti Sundays in 2024!

If you are planning to indulge in the warmth of Spaghetti Sundays at The Georgian Room, you'll have to wait until January 7th, as the next two Sundays fall on the special occasions of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. However, The Georgian Hotel has crafted special menus and events for these celebratory nights, promising a culinary experience that mirrors the holiday spirit. You can find out all the mouthwatering specifics HERE:

IF YOU GO in 2024...

The Georgian Room at The Georgian Hotel

Italian Steakhouse Restaurant and Piano Bar

1415 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Valet parking at the entrance of the hotel

Reservations at

Steakhouse open Thursday through Saturday 6 pm - 2 am

Spaghetti Sunday open EVERY Sunday 5 pm - 11 pm

Prix-Fixe Menu $65 per person and $35 for children 12

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