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Santa Monica Voters React to Proposed Salary Increase for City Manager David White

"Look around," writes one resident. "Does David White even deserve the 300 grand he makes now?"

December 19, 2023 - In an email, John Alle of the Santa Monica Coalition, supplied comments from Santa Monica residents regarding the proposed ten percent increase in the salary of City Manager David White, and they are not in favor. The Santa Monica Coalition is a group of residents, property owners, and businesses that advocate restoration of safety, cleanliness, and prosperity to the city.

The proposal to be considered at tonight's city council meeting is to raise White's salary from $ $365,952 to $402,552 beginning January 13, 2024. This does not include a housing allowance, free parking and other perks. In comparison, Alle notes the following comparable salaries:

President of the United States - $400,000

LA Mayor - $269, 365

New York City Mayor - $258 750

California Governor - $224 020

Long Beach City Manager.- $346, 227 ( a City with 5 times our population).

West Hollywood City Manager.- $345,713

Some reactions to this that Alle included:

"This is disgusting and hurtful to read. I barely have money to pay my rent, buy groceries or have heat in the winter.

However, more importantly, this city.

there is no money to clean the streets here, fix the lights, hire more officers, protect the residents, etc."

"In ANY business he would have been fired without severance and here they're giving him, an employee of a SMALL city, a salary higher than that of the GOVERNOR with a healthy pension on top?!?! WHAT?!"

"Great letter. Such a huge red flag about how seriously the city is mismanaging funds...

How about a new sign that could get media attention like:' Look around. Does David White, SM city manager deserve a hundred thousand dollar raise? Does he even deserve the 300 grand he makes now? What's he done for you lately Santa Monicans?"

"Yeah, the city is too broke to open libraries, but can pay their CM $400,000? Tone deaf."

"On another note, with Phil taking the helm, I hope you four can coalesce to vote as a block on the number one issue in Santa Monica right now. Chief Batista needs 270 cops to proactively engage the drug dealers and addicts in the downtown area. Work together and push some stuff through! Downtown is out of control. And if you doubt it, allow me to be your tour guide some evening...It's some scary madness."


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