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2024 Maybe The Year of The Dragon- But Maybe It's The Year of The Cat Ce!

How the busiest lady in showbiz keeps fit and healthy.

All round entertainer and producer Cat Ce is a familiar face and name in Hollywood circles.

Known for Producing sold out comedy shows every month at The Ice House, The World Famous Comedy Store etc. she also is a fan favorite guest star on leading shows at Jimmy Kimmels's famous comedy club in Las Vegas.

When not doing stand up comedy she is a working actress and just celebrated her 50th popular Podcast, which is on spotify and iheart radio.

Cat Ce is definitely productively packing her days with her creativity and manages to stay fit and radiant. She is also a certified Pilates teacher - which explains the body! Her work out regime is very specific to her needs and she swears by swimming to keep her body toned and mind relaxed.

Anyone who has been backstage at a comedy show or eaten at a comedy club will tell you there are specific comfort foods that may not be the healthiest if eaten on a nightly basis. Who doesn't love pizza or chicken wings and fries at 11pm?

Well, Cat Ce for one stays away from the temptations as much as she can.

"I try to eat healthy & balanced meals. Smoothies, fruits, or lean meat with great protein are my main nutrients. I try to do everything in moderation. I don't completely cut out bread, I just try to minimize the intake of carbs, get enough protein, and never deprive myself. I have a balanced lifestyle. Staying active with daily exercise, and swimming is my daily routine. A solid workout will obviously help you stay in shape, but also helps me manage stress.

I keep physically strong, which leads me to feeling mentally strong, this also guarantees a good night sleep- which is also key.

The simple basic fundamentals of taking care of ourselves is my mantra, this will lead to success. I believe."

Something tells me Cat Ce is right!

To catch Cat Ce performing check out her upcoming shows in Los Angeles. Hollywood Improv Jan 15th and 19th, the Comedy Store Jan 15th and Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club in Las Vegas on Jan 20th!


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