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US Citizens Warned Against Travel to Nicaragua; Ortega Regime Cancels 16 NGOs There; and Other Stories: Interamerican Watch Newsletter

Legitimization of crime in Ecuador


Milei scolds the leaders in Davos: "The world is in danger, open the doors to socialism"

He was received with enthusiasm in the heart of capitalism, the Davos forum, as a great defender of the market, a sacred word for the executives who filled the main room to bursting, something very unusual when a politician speaks. But, as soon as Javier Milei began to speak, faces quickly began to change. There was only timid applause at the end, many of it bewildered. The Argentine president criticized all the world's leaders, but especially the international organizations......Read more >>



Human Rights Watch: "Cubans suffer systematic repression of basic freedoms"

The international organization Human Right Watch (HRW) denounced in its annual report that during 2023 Cubans continued to suffer a systematic repression of basic freedoms and an economic crisis that impacts access to medicine and food....Read more >>



Violence in Ecuador: the prosecutor investigating the drug assault on a TV channel was murdered

The official was shot when he was driving his vehicle along an avenue in the city of Guayaquil. He was in charge of cases related to drug trafficking, terrorism and organized crime, and this Tuesday he had requested police protection...Read more >>



Former member of the Sinaloa Cartel could be key in the drug trafficking trial of the former president of Honduras

A decade after the presidential elections that brought Juan Orlando Hernández to the presidency of Honduras, a former member of the Sinaloa Cartel could be called to testify at his trial in New York...Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

Taiwan reaffirmed its sovereign path

By our Director: Ricardo Israel

Is the US preparing? There is no security. And that is the main problem in confronting China. Beijing lacks doubts, but the United States appears to be full of them....Read more >>


Crisis in Ecuador is the breaking point to end the legitimization of crime

By our Director: Carlos Sánchez Berzaín

The SS21 to have impunity: Convert conspiracy into revolution, murder into popular action, drug trafficking into anti-imperialist struggle, political prisoners and torture in defense of the revolution, assault and confiscations in recovery of popular heritage, terrorism into conflict, coca and cocaine in defense of the land, robbery in the fight against poverty, human trafficking and slavery in internationalism...Read more >>


Are we at the doors of Narco América SA?

By our Director: Beatrice E. Rangel

The onslaught of organized crime against the Ecuadorian state seems to announce an institutional debacle in Latin America, whose geography already houses four drug states such as Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela....Read more >>



Daniel Ortega used a Conviasa plane to banish 19 Nicaraguan religious

The Spanish media El Confidencial reported this Tuesday that the Government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega used a plane from the Venezuelan state line Conviasa to banish the 19 religious that he released from prison last Saturday....Read more >>


Ortega regime cancels another 16 NGOs in Nicaragua

In a new episode of controversial measures, Daniel Ortega's regime decided to close the legal personality of 16 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Nicaragua. The decision, which affects nine Catholic and evangelical NGOs, raises serious concerns about freedom of association and transparency in the country....Read more >>


US issues alert to reconsider trips to Nicaragua

The United States issued a travel alert for American citizens warning them to reconsider their travel to Nicaragua due to the risk of arbitrary law enforcement, unjust detention, crime and limited medical care....Read more >>



A Venezuelan family needs 155 minimum wages to afford the basic food basket

A Venezuelan family of five people needs 155.5 minimum wages to access the family food basket, whose value in December was 531.95 dollars, according to estimates released this Monday by the Documentation and Social Analysis Center of the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers (Cendas-FVM)....Read more >>



The Chinese regime asked women to have more children, but its population continues to fall

Faced with what is seen as a national emergency, the Chinese regime launched campaigns to encourage women to have more children. From tax benefits to cash, they tried various tactics, even invoking patriotism. It didn't work....Read more >>


Russia seizes a ton of cocaine from Nicaragua in the port of Saint Petersburg

"They are not two or three tacos of cocaine that you can carry in a backpack, we are talking about hundreds of packages of drugs. All Nicaraguan institutions failed there"...Read more >>



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