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Unsocialized cats from out-of-compliance rescue facility need a barn or warehouse in which to live their best feline lives

Unique Group of Cats Ready for Adoption; All seized animals were distributed among DACC's seven animal care centers

In October 2022, the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) served a search warrant at an animal rescue facility in Littlerock, CA, leading to the rescue of over 200 cats and dogs. The warrant was issued due to the rescue organization's failure to comply with State and County animal care laws, exceeding the number of animals allowed, and neglecting to provide proper medical care for the animals.

All seized animals were distributed among DACC's seven animal care centers, where they underwent evaluation, treatment, and were held as evidence during the legal proceedings. Over time, the court gradually allowed the release of some of the animals.

This month, 80 cats have been released and are now ready for adoption. Some of the recently released cats may be unsocialized and require special homes. Having spent a considerable amount of time awaiting this day, the Department is hopeful to find them placements that cater to their unique needs. Twenty of these cats are not fully domesticated and therefore not suited to life as an indoor cat, but they are full of character and ready for barn/warehouse/outdoor living. They will be spayed, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and medically cleared for adoption.

"Finding placement for unsocialized cats is particularly difficult," said Marcia Mayeda, Director. "We are compelled to ask for the public's help for these cats, who have endured long confinements and neglect, and deserve a second chance at a fulfilling life."

These feline friends are ready to join your farm, rural space, or warehouse offering companionship and help with rodent control. They deserve an opportunity to find places where they can live out their lives with care, and perhaps provide some service in return.

If you believe you can provide a suitable environment for these resilient cats and offer them a purposeful life, please email your nearest animal care center.

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