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Christine Peake's Birthday Comedy Show For 'Breast Cancer Bandit' Brings The Talent And The Laughs.

Stellar lineup of world class DJ Paul Oakenfold, SNL legend Darrell Hammond, Marisa Sullivan, Thash Mose, Greg Baldwin, Cat Ce and Marc Gordon

Despite what Governor Gavin Newsom called the worst storm in decades, the crowds came out to comedian Christine Peake's Birthday charity show for 'Breast Cancer Bandit', a charity founded by journalist and actress/comedian Marisa Sullivan, who also performed at the standing room only show.

The show not only had a stellar line up featuring SNL legend Darrell Hammond, Thash Mose, Greg Baldwin, Marc Gordon and Cat Ce, world renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold supported his friend Christine and waived his fee to support the charity.

The event was held at Hollywood's hotspot Hotel Ziggy, and delicious refreshments were provided by ONEHOPE wine, BTL SVC, Parch non alcoholic drinks, Aquahydrate water and delicious chocolate was provided by Chocovivo. Each lucky guests also got to take home a TIKKUN Spa pass, the number one spa on the Westside where all the celebrities go.

The show opened with Marc Gordon doing a 'This Is Your Life' skit and cleverly roasting the birthday girl. Gordon had the packed room singing along and laughing within a minute of stepping on the stage! His warm likable demeanor and natural wit was the perfect choice to open the sold out show.

Christine Peake, who also produced the show then danced onto the stage a hundred miles an hour to perform a ten minute energetic set that had the crowds roaring as she unapologetically and cleverly improvised her take on today's political landscape, whilst displaying her usual manic Chaplin-esque physical comedy.

Danish beauty Thash Mose, always a crowd favorite, then took the stage and performed in her usual dry and self-effacing style. Her stories about playing the dead girl in a TV show had the entire audience laughing - the actress dead girl #1 is brilliant at deadpan comedy that's for sure.

Newcomer to standup Marisa Sullivan, but not a newbie to the stage, brought her hilarious, brave energy and was a crowd favorite - Sullivan is a ballsy cancer survivor and is the sole founder of the charity 'Breast Cancer Bandit.'

Watch out for her, she is a natural.

Hollywood staple and leading comedian/producer Cat Ce effortlessly delivered a great set as usual. It's clear to see why she is busy preparing her first comedy special! Look out for that this year!

Greg Baldwin then took the stage and had the audience in the palm of his hands as he displayed his skills as a captivating storyteller, taking the audience attentively on his journey to hit them with well worth-the-wait solid punchlines!

The undisputed headliner of the show was SNL legend Darrell Hammond, a joy and pleasure to see his masterful audience control, dry intelligent wit, as he shared his outrageous true stories - words cannot describe his talent, it's off the charts, you must catch him in one of his LA shows if you can, he is a comedy masterclass to behold.

Following the show, big hearted, world renown DJ Paul Oakenfold played an amazing set and had the lucky guests dancing until the night's end. Oakenfold who is currently on a sold out world tour appeared for free, "I had a blast, I was here to support Breast Cancer Bandit and Christine, what a night!" He said as he hurried out into the rainy night on Sunset Blvd., to catch a flight to his next destination.

Guests included artist Elijah Blue, musician Queeny King, stunning model Dana Tyne, author of 'The Big Book Of Bad Decisions' Scott Nathan, Title Of Work Designer Jonathan Meizler, musician Matt Barry, Actor Michael McGlone, actress/supermodel model Eugenia Kuzmina, model/photographer Rochelle Brodin, producer and director Susan Dynner, Media Executive Joe Wehinger, ONEHOPE CEO Jake Kloberdanz flew in last minute for the show and was seen jumping out of an Uber two minutes before the show started, Producer Lainie Strouse brought her impeccable style, musician Chase Hansen was in attendance with his stunning actress girlfriend Ashanti Fiennes, actress Anna Colona, celebrity real estate CEO JC Mac, actresses Rachael Cave & Taylor Storm hung out together, TV presenter Shaka Smith, author/influencer Hari Tahov and many more.

This truly was one of the most fun shows I have attended, it had it all, a great atmosphere, terrific audience, stellar lineup, wonderful drinks and treats, world class music - but most of all LAUGHTER- who could ask for more?


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