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Polling Shows Jon Hatami is Likely Contender for Gascon's Seat as Los Angeles County District Attorney

Gascon has very low approval rating

February 13, 2024 - A late January survey conducted by the California Elections and Policy Poll of USC shows Jon Hatami polling second among a field of numerous candidates for county district attorney. Only the incumbent, George Gascon, is polling better.

Gascon is polling at 15% of the likely electorate. He would have needed more than 50% votes in order to win the primary outright. It is unlikely Gascon will win even the general election, however, since the same poll shows that over half of the electorate disapproves of the job he is doing. Gascon made radical changes to the way crimes in the county are prosecuted and even if they are prosecuted at all. Only 25% of voters approve of the job he's doing.

Meanwhile, Jon Hatami, a deputy district attorney in Gascon's office, is polling at 8%. This is twice as much as the next-most-popular candidate, Nathan Hochman at 4%. Hochman, in turn is polling at twice the next two candidates, Jeff Chemerinsky and Craig Mitchell - both at only 2%. The Hatami campaign has more endorsements than all 11 challengers combined, including 14 Police Officer Associations, 3 elected District Attorneys and 12 city mayors.

The lion's share of the likely electorate are undecided about who they are voting for in the district attorney race. But the high disapproval rating does not bode well for Gascon.

Hatami denounced Gascon's radical new policies from the beginning of the progressive DA's tenure and believes he was passed over for an expected promotion because of his disagreement with his boss. Over 97% of Gascon's deputy district attorneys voted to support his recall two years ago.


Reader Comments(2)

HeyYou writes:

George Gascon cannot possibly we polling ahead of the other candidates. If he is, there is something wrong with the poll. I don't care who you are, if you're the farthest left-wing liberal or far right conservative; everyone needs safe streets and neighborhoods for themselves and their families. Being able to walk the streets and feel safe at home without worry is not a political issue. In a sane world where people can still reason logically, George Gascon cannot possibly win re-election as DA. If he does or if the election is even close, someone needs to call out the election as a fraud. He cannot possibly win unless there is fraud, which I believe was the case with his recall election that allegedly failed. Someone is keeping this criminal Gascon in office to destroy the rule of law and quality of life in LA. If he is not soundly removed in the upcoming election, there must be an investigation for election fraud.

Snowcactus writes:

Sorry but every poll has a different order of candidates which means none, even the ones with acceptable methodologies are trustworthy. Why don’t you instead cover the in-office vote of the Deputy DAs. That’s a known sample (the DDAs in LA county). They overwhelming voted for McKinney & they know the candidates better than you & me. They clearly want McKinney to be their boss. That’s the “poll” that matters in my opinion.