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The Crowds Came Out For Author Scott Michael Nathan's Book Signing At Barnes and Noble

'The Big Book Of Bad Decisions' Already Receiving Cult Status & Rave Reviews.

Hundreds of guests stood in line on Friday evening for a much coveted signed copy of Scott Michael Nathan's newly released 'The Big Book Of Bad Decisions. Friends, family and dedicated Tik Tok fans who had traveled from afar, came out to celebrate the author, who is also an established and respected photographer in the entertainment business.

Stunning actress Kristen Dalton, looked effortlessly chic in a black suit as she read the book's Preface, followed by a hilarious and informative Q&A filled with uniquely obscure and witty celebrity induced stories from Scott's colorful life.

TV personality Victoria Recano hosted the Q&A and was a great choice as she effortlessly shared a back and forth quick banter with Scott, who told stories from the book and added some interesting and funny improvised nuggets from his daily life, which clearly never has a dull moment!

Scott has been sharing these stories on Tik Tok and has garnered a huge loyal following, which inspired him to share these gems with everybody in his must read book.

Guests included Maroon 5's original drummer/cofounder Ryan Dusick, (now an established author himself), TV personality & designer of Tres Glam fine jewelry Lisa Gastineau looked chic as usual, model Jennifer Jimenez brought the glam, author Tim Ryan, award winning singer/musician Veja, singer Vanessa Béjine, comedians Cat Ce and Thash Mose, TV host Annabelle Azade, TV fitness host Shaka Smith, Producer Joanne Horowitz, TV Personality AJ Celi, Film Producer Cristy Coors Beasley, Owner at 'The Natural Mind' Missy Sunseri, SOHO House Designer Melanie Hendel, Author Tasha Reign and many more.

Guests enjoyed a complimentary reception and enjoyed delicious award winning wines from Artisan Uprising & Wine Cowboys, Celsius energy drinks, Spudsy snacks and healthy That's It snack bars.

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