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Steve Garvey, Adam Schiff in Senate Runoff: Election Results from 2024 Will Be Pending Throughout March

George Gascon won the primary election for Los Angeles County District Attorney, but Will Face Nathan Hochman in a Runoff

In what the progressive LA Times called "a referendum on a more rehabilitative, less punitive approach to criminal justice," George Gascon won the primary election for Los Angeles County DA.

However, he appears to have received only 24% of the vote, a record low for an incumbent D.A. He will face Republican Nathan Hochman in November, who received about 17% of the vote in the field of 11 candidates. Newcomer Jonathan Hatami finished third with around 14% of the vote, vowing to run for public office at some point again.

Much was made during the election of statistics which appear to show property crime up since Gascon took office in 2020. Gascon pointed out that crime is up during that period nationally, and that LA County's murder statistics were actually down in 2023.

Former Dodger Steve Garvey surprised national pundits by nearly defeating Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff in the race for US Senate.

Schiff is famous for leading the first impeachment of US President Donald Trump in 2019. It centered on Trump's connections to Russia and Ukraine.

Statewide Proposition 1 was leading, but not by enough of a margin to call the outcome. It re-assigns money for homeless services from counties to the State of California, removing local control.

Los Angeles enacted Measure HLA, so expect to see more road diets and bike lanes in the City of LA.

County Registrars of voters have until April 5th to certify results of the March 5th election. Most voters choose to mail in or drop off their ballots, and ballots will be streaming in by US Mail all month.


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