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Hit and Run Driver Who Killed Dog on Leash in Brentwood Intersection, Sought by Dog's Owner

"trying to find any witnesses to this accident on Saturday, March 9 in Brentwood. . . ."

A Brentwood resident has appealed for help to find the driver who killed her dog on a leash. Last Saturday, the driver went through the intersection of Gretna Green and Montana Avenue, hitting the dog on a leash and killing him instntly. He, the driver, stopped, got out and said he would move his car and return. But he instead drove on.

In a post on Neighbors, a social media site, the unidentified resident wrote:

"trying to find any witnesses to this accident on Saturday, March 9 in Brentwood.

I was the victim of a hit-and-run crosswalk incident in which a senior driver barreled through the intersection at Gretna Green and Montana while I was in the crosswalk and killed one of my dogs on leash. There were many kind strangers who came and helped me get him out of the intersection, I was not in a frame of mind to be able to get anyone's information. The driver did stop came back asked what happened when he saw the dog was dead. Said he was going to move his car and never came back. There are no cameras at this intersection, unfortunately and I'm desperately hoping to find someone who either had a Tesla camera or lives in the area that might've either been an actual witness who helped me or knows how I can get additional information in the event The car is an old Mercedes-Benz probably 35 years old very distinctive brown with exposed metal in the hood with the paint has worn off. It's in rough shape. probably not insured or registered I would welcome any information. I am devastated."


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