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California Ballots by the Numbers for the March 5 Primary Election

Draw your own conclusions, but One-third (1/3rd) of all ballot votes were RECEIVED BY MAIL


Few use the new voting machines; most submit ballots at drop boxes or in the mail

March 12, 2024 - Based on my research on the LA County Registrar's website, and discussions with LA County Election monitors and officials - -

1) Approximately seventy (70%) percent of ALL votes were counted AFTER the March 5th election date.

2) Ten Thousand (10,000) persons registered to vote ON Election Day.

3) Eighty (80%) of ballot votes were received and counted AFTER March 5th (Election Day).

4) One-third (1/3rd) of all ballot votes were RECEIVED BY MAIL.

5) As of 8 pm on Election Day (March 5th, 2024), ONLY 18% of registered voters in LA County had even cast a ballot.

6) Also as of today (March 12th, 2024), JUST 26% of registered voters in all of LA County had actually cast ballots.

My question to Santa Monicans and Angelenos, Mayors, City Managers and Councilmembers is....Please let me know if my research and discussions with Election Officials are incorrect. Otherwise, draw your own conclusions.


There is little privacy at the new voting booths (which do not have the side screens shown here). Workers and passersby can easily see your choices during voting and after, when you are presented with a large paper with your choices marked very large


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