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Gov. Gavin Newsom's Policies are Out of Touch With the Struggles of Ordinary People

We need leadership that understands our pain and works for us, not against us

Governor Gavin Newsom's extreme policies are pushing Californians, and our neighbors in Arizona and Nevada, to the brink. As a vocal critic and advocate for the people, I am compelled to expose the harsh reality and devastating impact of his actions on our daily lives.

đź”´ The Hard Truth:

•More than 60% of California's refineries have shut down due to excessive regulations. This isn't just a statistic; it's a direct hit on our supply chain, driving prices sky-high.

•California refineries supply nearly 90% of Nevada's gasoline and half of Arizona's. As a result, our neighbors are feeling the pinch too, with gasoline prices soaring to $4.38 in Nevada and $3.90 in Arizona. In California, we're already paying over $5 per gallon, and in some places, it's as high as $7.

đź”´ Economic Devastation:

•The reduced supply from refinery shutdowns means higher prices. Econ 101 teaches us this simple fact: less supply = higher prices. But Newsom's administration seems to ignore basic economics.

•Refineries in California are no longer profitable. From October 2023 through February 2024, they lost between 10 and 38 cents on each gallon produced. This is unsustainable and puts the remaining refineries at risk of shutting down, which would skyrocket energy costs even more.

A service station in California featuring gasoline for $6 a gallon

đź”´ A Misguided War:

•Newsom is pushing for a tax on refineries' "gross margins," ignoring operating costs like employee wages. This so-called "price gouging penalty" is a tax in disguise, meant to fill the state's $45 billion budget deficit.

•CARB's regulations are set to add another 54 cents per gallon by 2026 and $1.01 by 2031. Imagine paying $6 or more per gallon of gasoline – that's the future Newsom is creating.

đź”´ Tone-Deaf Leadership:

•Newsom accuses critics of parroting "Big Oil talking points," but the reality is clear: his policies are out of touch with the struggles of ordinary people.

•Instead of addressing the root causes and providing economic relief, Newsom is escalating his war on the oil industry, making energy costs unbearable.

đź”´ Impact Beyond California:

•Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo recently expressed concerns about these policies, fearing limited supplies and higher fuel costs for both Nevada and Arizona. Newsom's dismissive response shows his disregard for the broader impact of his policies.

•Hundreds of thousands of Californians have moved to Arizona and Nevada to escape these destructive policies, only to find the same issues following them. Newsom's policies are a cancer spreading across state lines.

đź”´ We Must Stand Together:

•Californians and our neighbors in Arizona and Nevada are reaching a breaking point. The high costs of gasoline, insurance, food, housing, and other essentials are crushing us.

•It's time to hold Newsom and the political establishment accountable. We need leadership that understands our pain and works for us, not against us.

Enough is enough. We deserve better. Let's unite, speak out, and demand change. Our voices matter, and together, we can reclaim our state and our future.


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