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Exposing the Hard Truth: The Border, Big Government and Big Business

Learn what the O'Keefe Media Group has been discovering. Join us at our next meeting, Tuesday, June 4, @ 5:30 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church

"You can't handle the truth!" OH, YES WE CAN!

Jack Nicholson's infamous line in A Few Good Men rings so true that it is among the top movie quotes / internet memes of all time - for a good reason. We all know the truth is well covered up and the mainstream media isn't giving it to us. At this point we are so thirsty for the truth that some people are willing to risk their lives to get it for us.

Please join us for our next very exciting meeting, Tuesday, June 4, @ 5:30 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church when our very own Denise Young will be EXPOSING THE HARD TRUTH: BEHIND THE BORDER, BIG GOVERNMENT AND BIG BUSINESS..

With resolute conviction to unveil fraud and corruption in our government agencies and institutions, Denise Young has joined one of the most well known investigative journalists James O'Keefe and O'Keefe Media Group (OMG), formerly Project Veritas, in the quest to bring forth the truth to the American people with their signature guerrilla journalism.

Not only is the team doing deep investigations into the criminal activity at the border, and unveiling where our tax dollars are going, but recent undercover reports have exposed compromised activity in our government agencies.

Denise will present video recordings and talk about the most pressing issues impacting our freedoms today. She will be discussing material from O'Keefe Media Group's upcoming fall 2024 documentary, as well as reviewing the latest material and videos from OMG's weekly undercover reports.

Denise Young, formerly CHD-CA Co-Founder and Executive Director, and former Free Now Foundation Co-Founder and President, is currently working with James O'Keefe and the O'keefe Media Group.

Prior to her entree into the non-profit arena Denise was a Senior Executive with over 25 years of building and running fast-paced businesses both as an entrepreneur and within major Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, including Pfizer, Disney, and MGM. She is a graduate of Boston College and has an MBA from Loyola Marymount University with a focus in International Marketing.

For over a decade Denise has advocated for children, parental rights, health education, food safety and GMO Labeling.

On a personal note, Denise was a triathlete for many years, an avid mountain climber in Nepal, culminating in a successful summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, where only about 35% of climbers who attempt it are able to succeed.

Please come join us TUESDAY NIGHT to learn more about how O'Keefe Media Group is disrupting journalism and getting to the real hard truth of our current reality.

Free Parking: Ample free parking is available in the Church parking lot which opens at 5:30.

Suggested donation $10 for the church staff and our monthly expenses. As we continue to grow, our intention is to fund local projects and political activations. As always, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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Lighthouse Church 1220 20th Street Santa Monica, 90404


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