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Israel Proudly Shows "The Moment Four Hostages Came Home and Meet With Their Families."

IDF Rescues 4 live Israeli hostages from 7 months of captivity by Hamas in Gaza. Rescue takes place near beach with Palestinians partying.

The Israeli Defense Force announced that they rescued 4 live hostages from the clutches of Hamas in Gaza on Saturday. The rescue is the first of live hostages since October 7th, except for one Israeli female soldier rescued about a month after the operation began on October 27th.

"Shlomi Ziv (40) was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 at the Nova festival" posted the IDF to "Shlomi was working as security director at the festival when he was brutally taken hostage for 245 days. We brought him home today back to his wife and family. We will continue operating to bring all our hostages home."

Video of the rescued hostages may be seen here:

"It has been 245 days since Noa hugged her father and her mother who is terminally ill. It has been 245 days since she was dancing with her friends at the Nova festival. For 245 days, Noa was held captive by Hamas terrorists who only seek to cause pain and suffering. Today, Hamas’ torment of Noa came to an end as she was reunited with her loved ones."

Noa Argamani rescued after 245 days

As one might imagine, there were supportive comments on X and also negative comments by those who support Hamas. One poster named @aviva Klompas posted the purported details of the helicopter rescue. "🚨 JUST IN - Here are the extraordinary details of the Hostage rescue operation by the brave IDF:

At 11am Israel time, the order was given to raid two multi-story buildings in central Gaza's Nuseirat where 4 hostages were being held.

The buildings were about 200 meters apart and the decision to raid both simultaneously was out of concern that terrorists may murder the hostages once they realized a rescue operation was underway.

Noa Argamani was held by Hamas guards alone in the home of a Palestinian family, while the other three hostages were held at a separate home. According to the IDF, Hamas pays Gazan families to hold the hostages in their homes.

At the apartment where the three male hostages were held, a gun battle erupted, during which brave IDF soldier Arnon Zamora, commander of the rescue team at the second building, was critically wounded and later died of his injuries

As the three hostages and Zamora were being extracted, their vehicle came under fire.

Other forces quickly reached the scene to rescue them under heavy fire.

Ground troops and the Air Force carried out major strikes in the area to protect themselves and the rescued hostages.

Below see aerial footage of the Extraction and Evacuation".


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