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Recording Artist Jennifer Alexis' new single 'I'm A Woman' a welcomed old school instant classic song

Brains and Beauty - The Yahoo finance expert hits the right notes working with Grammy producers

From recording finance news in a TV studio in DC to recording with Grammy winners for her latest single: The two faces of success in one woman.

Jennifer Schonberger, AKA Jennifer Alexis, is the new triple threat. Except this Washingtonian beauty brings a whole new meaning to the expression. To most people in the music industry this expression means sing/act/dance, Jennifer has uniquely redefined the phrase to sing/musician and finance!

Jennifer has achieved massive success throughout her 17 year career as a renowned financial journalist. At Yahoo Finance she covers the Federal Reserve, cryptocurrencies, and the intersection of business and politics.

Prior to Yahoo, Jennifer covered the Federal Reserve and the economy for the Fox Business Network. She also specialized in covering investing for Kiplinger's Personal Finance and The Motley Fool.

As a financial journalist with a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Virginia, she has become a force in Washing DC. Most journalists with such achievements would be satisfied with this level of success, but there is something else that spears this triple threat, and that is her desire to achieve the same level of excellence and personal goals in her music career. The stunning finance expert is now channeling all her efforts and talents into what promises to be a truly remarkable second career as a recording artist.

A trained musician and talented songwriter, she dedicates all her spare time to creating the music that motivates her and is the driving force of her mission statement, a positive goal that is much needed in today's climate.

Jennifer, a talented pianist since childhood, started writing songs using her own personal life experiences as the foundation for her lyrics. She is a firm believer of following one's dreams and working hard to achieve them. Her recently released single, 'I'm A Woman' is a testimony to the attitude that is clearly her mantra in her everyday life. The dance track is an homage to strong women and self love and even has hints of another powerful woman, Madonna, in the catchy song. Her library of songs is growing and can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Brains and Beauty in abundance. Jennifer Alexis can do it all!

As a perfectionist Jennifer is determined to create with the best in the business. She has already worked with Grammy winning producer Dustin Bowie, (DAB) who has produced for numerous artists, including Usher and Justin Bieber. She also collaborated with Grammy winning Brandon Howard, so it's clear she is being taken as a serious artist by her fellow peers. Her music has also touched fans internationally with her song 'Peter Pan' being a fan favorite in England.

Jennifer strongly believes in pursuing dreams, recognizing one's own talent, self- worth and potential, and empowering young women. "I hope to inspire people to believe that walls can be broken down if you are persistent and to stand up for your talents, hopes and dreams."

And who could ask for more?

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