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  • Gascon Does Not Tell Truth About His Part in Murders by Those He Let Off

    Eric W. Siddall, VP Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Jun 27, 2022

    Gascón's refused to hold Victor Bibiano accountable for a 2009 double murder. That decision was based solely on Gascón's ideological policy. There is no science, no data, and no consideration for public safety supporting his position. It was a policy based upon having the "lightest touch" on all criminals. The same failed reasoning kept Justin Flores on the streets on June 14, 2022, when he murdered two El Monte police officers. It is why Mario Rodriguez was murdered on April 16, 2022. Yet, t...

  • Criminals Pillage Where 'Lax On Crime' District Attorneys Rule

    Eric W. Siddall, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Dec 8, 2021

    Los Angeles and San Francisco have been hammered by a brazen crime trend: the "smash-and-grab" robbery. A pack of thieves, armed with sledgehammers, smash their way into a high-end store, grab tens of tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise, and flee with the loot. Retailers are doing what they can to protect themselves and their customers. They have hired extra security, put up barriers, and created "checkpoints" to regulate access. Some people have blamed this crisis on Proposition 47,...