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Articles from the June 27, 2022 edition

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  • Pro Abortion Left Conducts Mostly Peaceful Rallies Nationwide Against Supreme Court Overturning Roe vs. Wade

    Sarah Storkin, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 27, 2022

    16: Some LA County residents protested Friday after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, handing states authority to drastically limit or ban abortions. In effect the justices ended the Federal US right to abortion. "Santa Monica City Hall will be lit in pink this evening to support the women of Santa Monica, California, and the United States to care for their own reproductive health without government interference," City Councilmember Phil Brock posted on Facebook. By 1 p.m., a...

  • Trade Your Junk For Gas, One Local Junkyard Owner Offers Los Angeles County Customers

    Mary Leipziger, Senior Staff Writer|Jun 27, 2022

    Errol Segal says he will give out a free $20 gas card in exchange for 3000 LBS of paper, cardboard or metal. Segal, a nice Jewish boy from Chicago, issued the following press release: Almost every day the price of gas is going up but people who recycle scrap iron, tin, cardboard, newspaper and haul trash can get a free $20 gas card once their weight tickets add up to 3000 lbs. at Active Recycling Co., Inc. 2000 West Slauson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90047 (3 blocks west of Western Ave) Open "7" Days...

  • Santa Monica Police Arrest Catalytic Converter Thief and Meth Dealer on 4th Street Near Idaho Avenue

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 27, 2022

    Santa Monica Police say they have arrested yet another catalytic converter thief. The auto parts are stolen from vehicles in people's driveways, because they contain precious metals such as silver and palladium. The arrested suspect was already on probation for burglary and automobile theft. The press release reads as follows: On June 17, 2022 at approximately 3:30 AM, Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) Officers responded to the 900 block of 4th Street to investigate a theft. The Reporting...

  • Gascon Does Not Tell Truth About His Part in Murders by Those He Let Off

    Eric W. Siddall, VP Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Jun 27, 2022

    Gascón's refused to hold Victor Bibiano accountable for a 2009 double murder. That decision was based solely on Gascón's ideological policy. There is no science, no data, and no consideration for public safety supporting his position. It was a policy based upon having the "lightest touch" on all criminals. The same failed reasoning kept Justin Flores on the streets on June 14, 2022, when he murdered two El Monte police officers. It is why Mario Rodriguez was murdered on April 16, 2022. Yet, t...