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  • How Game of Thrones Affects Brexit and the Open Border of Northern Ireland

    Meredith Blake, Los Angeles Times|May 29, 2019

    (tca/dpa) - The Europa Hotel was once known as the most bombed hotel in Europe, but on a Friday morning in April, it's bustling with tourists and weekenders enjoying a hearty breakfast buffet. Almost no one recognizes Conleth Hill, the actor who plays Varys, the bald eunuch and royal adviser whose cunning enabled him to survive nearly eight seasons on one of TV's bloodiest shows, "Game of Thrones," without ever lifting a sword. The anonymity (aided by the reappearance of his thick, silver hair)...

  • How the linguist for 'Game of Thrones' became Hollywood's go-to guy

    Meredith Blake, LA Times|May 27, 2019

    Los Angeles (tca/dpa) - When David Peterson was an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley in California, he saw a flier advertising an Esperanto class. It was the first time he'd heard of such a thing as an invented language, but it wouldn't be the last. Peterson eventually became a linguist and author - and an inventor of languages. It's a job that's led him to a career in Hollywood. He's created languages for elves and orcs in the Netflix film "Bright" as well as a language called Shivaisith...