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  • Medicare and Social Security Are Independent Variables, and More About Prescription Drugs

    Russell Gloor, Mature American Citizens|Dec 15, 2018

    Ask Rusty – Can I get Medicare without claiming Social Security? Dear Rusty: I am 63 and my full retirement age is 66 and 2 months. I want to try and hold out to 70 before I start collecting SS. My 2018 Social Security statement said I'm eligible to apply for Medicare at 65. Do I have to be receiving Social Security payments before I can be covered for Medicare? Or can I be covered beginning at 65 and not receive a Social Security check until I desire at 70? Signed: Approaching Medicare Age...

  • Is My Ex-Wife Entitled to half of my Social Security benefit when I collect at age 62?

    Russell Gloor, Dear Rusty|Jul 27, 2017

    Dear Rusty: Two years ago, after 34 years of marriage, my wife divorced me. She was a full time homemaker most of those years. Is she entitled to half of my Social Security benefit when I collect at age 62? She currently gets half my pension from work, and having her also take half of my Social Security benefit would kill me financially. Signed: Going Broke Dear Broke: Yes, because you were married for more than 10 years, when she becomes 62 your ex-wife will be entitled to receive Social...

  • Wife Wonders Whether to Collect Social Security at 66 or 70 years of age.

    Russell Gloor|Jul 15, 2017

    Dear Rusty: My wife is now 66 and not collecting Social Security. She wants to wait until age 70 to collect the larger benefit. However, I know that she could collect now and her payments will grow if she continues to work until age 70 because she had some years in her lifetime with zero earnings. My question is what will be the difference in benefits at age 70 if she waits to collect, or she collects now at age 66 and continues to contribute to S.S.? Signed: Working Wife's Husband Dear...