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Articles from the December 15, 2018 edition

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  • "Budget Market" on 4th Street in Santa Monica Sells for $3.3 million

    Andrew Simon, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 15, 2018

    It may not look like much, but the Budget Market just sold to a private trust for $3.3 million. This according to William Althouse at Westmac Realty. "Coldwell Banker Commercial WESTMAC Arranges $3.3 Million Retail Sale to Private Trust in Santa Monica," wrote Althouse. "The free-standing building sits on 4th Street, equidistant from the Pacific Ocean and Lincoln Boulevard." No doubt the 90 year old one story retail building will give way to, well, the biggest building the developers can possibl...

  • Abbot Kinney Sushi Bar Wabi Venice Destroyed in Early Morning Fire Wednesday

    Rebecca Brando, Brando PR|Dec 15, 2018

    Abbot Kinney sushi bar, Wabi Venice , has been destroyed by an early morning fire occurring on December 12th, 2018. First responders arrived at 1635 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice at around 5 a.m. It took an hour for the Los Angeles Fire Department to extinguish the blaze, Wabi GM, Brent Moon, who was on scene said. The cause of the fire remains unconfirmed and there were no injuries. "Unfortunately, very little remains of the upscale sushi restaurant. Wabi Venice, known for Its decadent...

  • Redistricting: Time for the Santa Monica City Council to Admit They Don't Know Better

    Armen Melkonians, Residocracy|Dec 15, 2018

    Update, My Take, and My Analysis on the California Voter Rights Act (CVRA) post-trial hearing that was held in Judge Yvette Palazuelos Courtroom on Friday December 7th to discuss proposals for remedies in legalizing Santa Monica's illegal at-large election system; or in other words abandoning the at-large based election system and implementing district-based elections. No decision was made by the Judge on Friday. The City's attorneys tried to sneak in a re-argument of the merits case, while...

  • Medicare and Social Security Are Independent Variables, and More About Prescription Drugs

    Russell Gloor, Mature American Citizens|Dec 15, 2018

    Ask Rusty – Can I get Medicare without claiming Social Security? Dear Rusty: I am 63 and my full retirement age is 66 and 2 months. I want to try and hold out to 70 before I start collecting SS. My 2018 Social Security statement said I'm eligible to apply for Medicare at 65. Do I have to be receiving Social Security payments before I can be covered for Medicare? Or can I be covered beginning at 65 and not receive a Social Security check until I desire at 70? Signed: Approaching Medicare Age...

  • Venice Homeless Shelter Approved. 154 Beds for temp shelter

    Sarah Storkin, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 15, 2018

    On Tuesday, 12/11/18, the Los Angeles City Council voted to construct a temporary homeless shelter on a former Metro bus yard located at Sunset and Pacific Avenues, blocks from the beach. Designated a temporary shelter, it will open next year. Funding will come from Mayor Eric Garcetti's A Bridge Home initiative. In April, Mayor Garcetti announced the initiative he called A Bridge Home. The idea was to see the creation of temporary homeless shelters in each of the city's 15 council districts. Th...