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  • Fernanda Lavera I'm Not A Robot

    Selena Hughes, Guest Post|Apr 28, 2024

    Upon stepping onto the second floor, I was immediately enveloped in the rich tapestry of Fernanda Lavera's neo-expressionist world. Each stroke on her canvases resonates with a profound message, beckoning admirers into a dialogue with their souls. For Lavera, this exhibition is not merely a showcase of artistic prowess; it's a spiritual journey, an impassioned plea to embrace life's intricacies and resist the allure of mindless consumption. Her activism, particularly on issues of gender...

  • Heart Broken Anonymous, The Talk Circle You Didn't Know You Needed

    Selena Hughes, Guest Post|Mar 14, 2024

    Heartbreak!! We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Maybe it was with that perfect someone that got away or you got fired from your dream job and if that wasn’t enough, a long-time friend calls it quits, unannounced. Life happens! While it is the norm to vent and cry to a friend, you can give them a break because there’s a new friend in town. This friend is in the form of a stranger who’s ready and willing to help you navigate your difficult time, all without judgment and all by just l...

  • J. Ivy Hosts Poetry Uncut Part III, Feb. 17 Featuring Def Sound and Sunni Patterson

    Selena Hughes, Guest Post|Mar 1, 2024

    On Saturday, February 17th, Poetry Uncut, a four-part series of curated poetry and music, continued with Poetry Uncut: Part III as Grammy Award-winning artist J. Ivy hosts an evening with performances by Los Angeles artist Def Sound and the poet and author Sunni Patterson. The evening also featured Emmy Award-winning DJ Niéna Drake. It opened with Get Lit, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit working to increase literacy, empower youth, and energize communities through poetry. This special night was...

  • Indulge in Luxury Healing at Carrara Treatment Wellness & Spa

    Selena Hughes, Guest Post|Jan 1, 2024

    For those seeking the epitome of wellness, Carrara Treatment Wellness & Spa stands as an unparalleled choice. Boasting 6 exclusive bedrooms at each location to ensure an undiluted focus on treatment, Carrara is a beacon of luxury and healing. Nestled in three prime locations Hollywood, Doheny Estates, and the Beach House on Carbon Beach-Carrara Treatment Wellness & Spa is not just a retreat; it's a comprehensive solution. The spa addresses concerns such as addiction, mental health issues,...