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  • Don't Sign Their Petition if You Oppose Giving Benefits to Wealthy Real Estate Developers

    SMCLC|May 2, 2024

    If you've been to the grocery store recently you've been approached, as I have, by well-meaning appearing individuals who want you to 'help apartment owners.' The message below from the Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (not to be confused with the Santa Monica Coalition) explains why you should not sign and allow this to be put on the ballot. April 23, 2024 Dear Friends of SMCLC, Paid signature gatherers will soon be asking Santa Monica residents to help qualify an initiative that will...

  • SMCLC Urges Less Construction, Less Density After Covid-19 Lockdowns

    SMCLC|May 1, 2020

    Dear City Manager and City Council, While reading Pro Developer Group Santa Monica Forward's letter about our city's finances, we're reminded of Naomi Klein's seminal work, The Shock Doctrine. In it, Ms. Klein posits that crises are often used as tools by those with power to push through agendas they had long sought but were unable to achieve through democratic means. A crisis provides the disruption and turmoil powerful interests need to accomplish long sought but unpopular goals. Santa Monica...

  • SMCLC Demands City of SM Halt Processing of 18 Development Applications by NMS

    SMCLC|Dec 9, 2016

    In SMCLC's November 28, 2016 alert we informed you that the Los Angeles Superior Court had found that Santa Monica's most prolific downtown developer, NMS, and its founder and CEO Neil Shekhter, had committed "massive, intentional, coordinated efforts to destroy evidence," "fraud," and "perjury." The Court has now issued further rulings. The Court "ordered the real estate mogul to cede all control of [the nine projects in dispute in that lawsuit, including in Santa Monica,]" according to the...